Ronaldinho is now under house arrest on bail

Ronaldinho may be held under house arrest for a payment of $ 1.6 million (picture-alliance / dpa / AP / J. Saenz)

Ex-football star Ronaldinho’s lawyers failed three times to get her client out of jail in Paraguay. Now it worked – for a reason.

After four weeks in custody, former Brazilian soccer star Ronaldinho has been released into house arrest in Paraguay. The two-time world footballer and world champion from 2002, as well as his brother and manager Roberto de Assis Moreira, were released from prison for a security deposit of $ 1.6 million, the prosecutor said. You can wait for the rest of the procedure in a hotel in the capital Asunción. Ronaldinho and Roberto are under the supervision of the police and are not allowed to leave the country.  

Bail was high enough

Her lawyers had tried unsuccessfully three times to get the brothers out of prison. The decisive factor for the fact that it did work, according to the prosecution, was the amount of the deposit offered. “Previously, they gave a house as security that didn’t even go in the name of the two,” prosecutor Oscar Legal was quoted after the hearing.

The Brazilian portal “Globoesporte” reported that the defense wanted to get the final release. If convicted, there is a risk of five years in prison.

Entered with false passports

The former footballer and his brother were arrested in Paraguay a month ago . They were accused of entering the country with false passports. Ronaldinho’s lawyers said they had not intentionally used the falsified documents. The brothers are said to have stated that the papers were given to them by business partners.

Brazil ex soccer star Ronaldinho Gaucho (AFP / N. Duarte)Ronaldinho after entering March 4 in Asunción

Ronaldinho wanted to advertise his new book in Paraguay. At the same time he wanted to start a program that should inspire children for a sporty lifestyle.      

The authorities removed the former star of FC Barcelona and his brother from their passports in Brazil in November 2018 for failing to pay the equivalent of 2.2 million euros. This penalty was imposed for causing massive environmental damage to a property in Porto Alegre.

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