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‘Record of Ragnarok’ Season 2: Netflix Renewal Status and Release Date

record of ragnarok season 2 netflix

Record of Ragnarok season 1 is now available to stream on Netflix

The first season of Record of Ragnarok had the series off to a blistering start on Netflix. With many more bouts yet to be fought between mankind and the gods, we’re hoping to see a second season sometime in the near future. Netflix has yet to renew Record of Ragnarok, but we’ll be keeping you up to date with all of the latest news and information for season 2.

Record of Ragnarok is a Netflix Original fantasy-action anime series and adaptation of the manga publication of the same name by authors by Shinya Umeura and Takumi Fukui. The series is produced by Graphinica who worked on anime such as Hellsing, Wonder Momo and Another World.

Record of Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Renewal Status

Official Netflix Renewal Status: Pending (Last Updated: 18/06/2021)

At the time of writing Netflix has yet to confirm what the future holds for Record of Ragnarok. It’s understandable given the fact that the anime has only been available to stream for less than 48 hours at the time of prublishing.

Early signs that Record of Ragnarok could see a renewal is the fact that it took one day before the series began to emerge in various top ten lists on Netflix around the world.

It also can’t be ignored that the story for Record of Ragnarok is far from over, as the first season ended just before another epic fight could begin.

The Winners and Losers Thus Far


Of the thirteen bouts, we’ve only seen three fights so far. The Gods have won two bouts against mankind, and enter the fourth round with a 2-1 lead.

Round 1

Winner: Thor | Loser: Lu Bu

record of ragnarok round 1 lu bu thor

Round 2

Winner: Zeus | Loser: Adam

record of ragnarok round 1 adam zeus

Round 3

Winner: Kojiro Saski | Loser: Poseidon

record of ragnarok round 1 kenjiro poseidon

More Fights to Come


The fourth round has just begun, which will see the god Hercules take on one of the the most infamous serial killers in history, Jack the Ripper.

Future fights to look forward to are;

  • Round Five – Raiden Tameemon vs Shiva
  • Round Six – Buddha vs Zerofuku

As only a limited number of chapters from the manga have been published we don’t know which human combatants will be fighting which gods.

When is the Record of Ragnarok season 2 Netflix release date?

This entirely depends on whether or not Netflix renews the series for a second season, and whether or not work has already begun.

At the earliest, we aren’t expecting to see the second season on Netflix until the Summer of 2022.

Would you like to see a second season of Record of Ragnarok on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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