The leaders under pressure: Prosecutors FC Bayern scored three times the day before and lurking for blunders of BVB, who must now run away from home strong Leipzig. Follow the evening game live!

LEIPZIG – DORTMUND 0: 1 (0: 1) 

76th. Minute: Guerreiro has space, runs the ball into the box, but is too hesitant with the play, then goes further and his shot is blocked. Then the Portuguese has to go down. PULISIC is now in the game for him.

74th minute: Leipzig tries again and again. And now this opportunity. Dortmund lose the ball, RB plays quickly over left, low cross on Sabitzer, who directs the ball directly on the goal, but Bürki is right and can parry the ball. Shortly after Bürki has to run against Werner again.

68 minutes – YELLOW CARD: shows the referee Aytekin the Leipzig Upamedcano – his fifth. For the next game, the Leipzig is closed. 

60th Minute: One hour is over: Leipzig runs behind the residue, urges the equalizer, but finds no gap in the Dortmund defense. BVB tries to score the second goal by counterattacking. Shortly thereafter, Bürki slips out on a pass, following the on-coming Werner. From the point of view of the RB-professionals that was too hard, but everything in the area of ​​the permitted.  

56th Minute:  Kampl served Poulsen on the left side, whose flank defused Bürki with a good parade forward.

Minute: Götze with a steep pass on Sancho, but he pushes too far to the left and looking too late a teammate, who are then no longer free. When shot attempt the ball is blocked. Shortly thereafter, Philipp runs into the box, but in his bottle shot goalkeeper Gulasci is still with the tip of his foot and directs the ball to the corner.

50th. Minute: Witsel tears Poulsen by the throat and rips him around. Witsel wants to get away, but Poulsen knocks his hand away. There is no map.

47 minutes: Konaté prevails on the right great, but then plays much too hard from the baseline to the only a few meters away Sabitzer, who can not control the ball three meters in front of the ball. In the margin, the Austrian tries a lob over goalie Bürki, but he is not successful.


HALF TIME – So far, the game meets the expectations: It is an intense and very fast game. Due to the second goal of the season from Witsel (the first he scored in the home game against Leipzig) lead the guests. In the meantime, RB committed too many bad passes, so that the Rangnick-Eleven had problems with the game structure. 

45. + 1 minute: Halstenberg shoots a free kick for the Leipzig too far in the Dortmund penalty area, goalkeeper Bürki gets the ball. 

40th Minute – YELLOW CARD: The sees KONATÉ , the Hakimi goes from the back of the legs. Shortly after Diallo comes after a Dortmund free kick in the penalty area to the header, the ball passes just by the gate.

Minute: Leipzig Laimer plays a good pass in the interface, but he is a tad too long for Poulsen. Goalkeeper Bürki intervenes.

33 minutes: Now Leipzig is stronger again. Poulsen tries a low pass into the box, but Laimer has a shot blocked. Shortly thereafter, Kampl Werner serves. He pulls in short, his ball passes just by the gate.

29 minutes: Counter of the Leipzig. Werner takes a long ball with his chest, leaves two Dortmund players to play a catastrophic pass on Sabitzer. Symbolic of the match of the hosts so far. Previously, Sabitzer had already lost a good scoring chance – by a far too long ball on Werner. 

25 minutes: Leipzig makes it difficult for themselves with unnecessary bad passes – so the game is often interrupted. A Werner flank comes very close to the BVB goal. Bürki watches and picks the ball.

19 minutes – TOR ⚽: The lead for the guests! WITSEL does it. After a corner and an involuntarily forwarded header from Piszczek the ball lands in the right half of the penalty area at the Belgian international, who dribbles the ball under the crossbar.

Bundesliga 18th matchday |  RB Leipzig vs.  Borussia Dortmund |  TOR Dortmund (Reuters / M. Rietschel)
Second Bundesliga goal for Witsel. Also in the first leg he was successful against Leipzig

13 minutes: Dortmund is now RB under pressure. Over some stations, the ball ends up with Philipp in the penalty area, the offensive player is disturbed at the crucial moment yet.

9 minutes: Kampl shoots from the second row, but in the middle of the goal. As expected, it’s an intense, fast game right from the start.

7th Minute: First degree for Dortmund in person from Witsel. Goalkeeper Gulacsi can catch the ball but without problems, because he is not placed enough. Shortly after Götze von Upamecano is still prevented just before the shot on goal. There is a corner. And then another.

4th Minute: After a free kick from the left side of the Leipzig forces Werner with a header BVB goalkeeper Bürki for quick reaction. However, the flag is also above: offside.

1st Minute: First corner for the hosts. Dortmund can now bring the ball out of the danger zone, but Leipzig remains on the ball. There is a free-kick almost on Eckfahnen-height, but the ball catches Dortmund.


18:27: Minus three degrees currently indicates the thermometer. Pretty chilly. Let’s hope the pros on the square warm the hearts of the audience.

18:23:  Leipzig captain Orban is happy to play against a playful team: “Dortmund is a top team that plays from behind and against such teams, we are easier, an offensive playing style of the opponent comes to meet us.”

18:19 clock: RB coach Rangnick must give up on Bruma and Winterneuzugang Haidara. He trusts these eleven professionals:  Gulacsi – Klostermann, Konate, Upamecano, Halstenberg – Demme, Kampl – Sabitzer, Laimer – Poulsen, Timo Werner .

18:17 clock: Bad news for all Dortmund fans: Captain REUS was yesterday bent over during training and must fit for today. Akanji, Zagadou and Toprak are also missing. That’s why the starting line-up looks like this: Bürki – Piszczek, Weigl, Diallo, Hakimi – Witsel, Delaney – Sancho, Philip, Guerreiro – Mario Götze.View image on Twitter

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200 – Lukasz #Piszczek führt den @BVB erstmals als Kapitän in der #Bundesliga auf den Platz und steht zum 200. Mal in der BL-Startelf von Borussia Dortmund. Ehre. #RBLBVB526:06 PM – Jan 19, 2019See OptaFranz’s other Tweets

18:16 clock:  The table first as a guest at home strong RasenBallsport club – in the two offensive-like and -strong teams, we expect a worth watching evening game! Eleven points are currently separating the leader and the fourth. 

18:15: Welcome to the Flying Eze Liveticker!

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