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How do you make friends in the gym?

There was a bouncer who used to work out at the same timing as that of mine. I was new to the city and didn't have any friends there yet. It's very difficult for a heavy lifter to lift alone considering the injury chances. How can I make new friends in the gym?
  • If you two are going to do the same workout, feel free to ask if you can use the machine alternatively.
  • Give and ask for a spot whenever necessary.
  • Keep motivating each other in those last few reps.
  • Don't be shy to give compliments.
  • You can ask about the diet or supplements they are using while taking the rest between the sets ( Don't ask unnecessary Questions and waste the timing of the sets, we do not like whenever someone talks to us in between our workout).
  • Ask what's their workout schedule and see if the two have any common day.
  • Greet them with a hi or hello whenever you see them in the gym ( nod your head if they are using headphones).
  • Offer your help in loading and unloading the weights once you are done with a set ( we love it the most).

Remember not to ruin your workout in the process of making friends in the gym. Your workout is paramount.

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