Pope Francis convened a synod for the fall of 2022, although the matter of the bishops’ meeting has not yet been defined, the Vatican reported on Saturday.

The Council of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops, the institution that prepares these meetings, proposed to the pope at the meeting on February 6 a brief list of possible matters of discussion, with a view to “making a final decision,” said a statement of the Vatican.

“The Holy Father (…) decided to convene this assembly for the autumn of 2022 to ensure a more important involvement of the entire Church in the preparation” of this meeting, according to the same source. The last ordinary synod was held in October 2018, whose main theme was a youth. A year later, in October 2019, the Pope convened a special synod, with the bishops of a specific region of the world, to speak in this case of the Amazon. (AFP)


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