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Premier League kit rankings

Premier League kit rankings are absolutely one of our favorite things to do each summer.

New kits have been dropped by plenty of Premier League clubs ahead of the new 2020-21 season, with fresh looks galore.

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Some teams have kept it simple, while others have gone for something very different.

With big name kit suppliers arriving on new deals at clubs, there will be some very different looks for next season and beyond.

Check out our 2020-21 Premier League kit rankings from the shirts released, so far.

1 โ€“ Sheffield United: Absolutely stunning design. Simple and striking at the same time. Love it. The away kit is a beauty too.

2 โ€“ Southampton: Classy retro kits to celebrate their 135th anniversary, as Saints return to their original look.


3 โ€“ Aston Villa: Clean, sharp look and you canโ€™t go wrong with claret and blue. Love the larger badge too.


4 โ€“ Arsenal: Loving the retro vibes and yet another fine Arsenal kit.


5 โ€“ Brighton: Gone for an all blue number with white pinstripes. This is very good and a big chance from the bigger blue and white stripes. Retro, again.

6 โ€“ Tottenham Hotspur: Very sleek look and Spurs have kit it simple. Like the away kit, a lot.

7 โ€“ Manchester United: Nice little design throughout the kit which adds something extra.

8 โ€“ Liverpool: New Nike kits for the first time in history. The teal trim looks smart. Kept it simple and safe.

9 โ€“ Wolves: Another team which has gone for the retro look and it works.


10 โ€“ Man City: A little too much going on with the home and away kits for some, but a sleek look and adventurous from Puma.

11 โ€“ Burnley: Another shirt with a retro vibe and the collar is pretty cool. Another twist on claret and blue. Sponsor is massive, though.

12 โ€“ Everton: Hummel are underrated and the home kit has a nice retro look to it, and a return to the yellow away jersey is nostalgic too.

13 โ€“ West Ham: The Hammers are celebrating their 125th anniversary in style. Very nice. Classic look with a massive badge. Maybe a bit too plain?

14 โ€“ Chelsea: The new sponsor logo and the size of it has been ridiculed and it does ruin the very snazzy looking kits.

15 โ€“ Similar look for Leicester and this is a nice design. Big fan of the sleeves.


16 โ€“ West Brom: The barcode stripes are slightly jarring but the colors, badge and design are good.


17 โ€“ Newcastle United: Does what it says on the tin. Black and white stripes, and thatโ€™s it.

18 โ€“ Crystal Palace: Oh, no. These are just not what I expected. Why move away from the sash? Whatโ€™s the deal with the central stripe?

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