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You season 3: Who is the real father of Love’s baby?

You season 3: Who is the real father of Love’s baby? image

The Netflix original series, You, is full of so many twists and turns. We can’t wait until You season 3 comes out.

The entire basis of You is a murderer getting away with his heinous crimes, but there was still nothing more jaw-dropping than when Love Quinn, Joe Goldberg’s girlfriend, was perfectly fine with her boyfriend’s illegal antics and eventually revealed that she was pregnant with his kid. (Like, girl, are you serious?)

With how fine she was with the father of her child being a killer, fans have been questioning just how true Love’s intentions are and wonder if she would go so far as to lie about the child’s father or there even being a child in the first place.

We’re here to ask the hard questions and hopefully get to the bottom of this baby drama.

Who is the real father of Love’s baby in You season 3?

1. The real father is Milo.

There have been many theories about this.

This is based on the fact that Love got physical with Milo at one point to bring out the darker side of Joe. If we marked her and Milo’s relations as the time of conception, then it is highly possible that by the time she knew of the pregnancy, she hadn’t been physical with Joe yet.

Yes, Love told Joe that Milo wasn’t the baby’s father, but Love could have been lying and desperate, knowing that Joe would not have stayed (or may have even killed her) if he knew that she was pregnant with someone else’s child.

If Love actually didn’t go all the way with Milo, this theory wouldn’t hold up, which brings us to our second theory.

2. The real father is a new character in season 3 we have yet to meet.

You is always introducing new characters, and the third season cast list definitely shows that. There could be a chance that a third party is involved with the baby, and we just don’t know it yet.

For all we know, Love could be pulling a fast one on everyone and could be a part of a Bonnie and Clyde-type duo that wants to bring Joe down because they have some relation to Beck, so they’re using their baby to trick him. (A crazy theory, you say. Well, it’s an even crazier show.)

However, the new cast could serve a completely different, unrelated purpose, which brings us to our third and final theory.

3. The real father does not exist.

Simply put, Love could be lying about a baby in the first place.

Let’s not put it past Love to lie about the baby especially due to the fact that this isn’t her first time exhibiting some really questionable and a little obsessive behavior.

In episode 10 of season 2, Love told Joe all about how she researched him intricately before meeting him, reading his slain ex-girlfriend’s Beck book about her murder, hiring a private investigator to do some digging, and even going so far as to kill Delilah to protect Joe. All this points to a person highly capable of fabricating lies to keep Joe at bay.

What does Love gain from lying to Joe about the baby? A partner just as deranged as her? A baby that forces to keep the two together forever? Blackmail? All are valid answers.

We’re definitely putting two and two together, but things just aren’t adding up. Hopefully, You season 3 will confirm our suspicions and this case will be closed.

We’ll let you know the You season 3 release date on Netflix when we find out!

Do you think our theories hold up? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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