WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Sept. 25 | Bleacher Report


WWE SmackDown Results: Winners, Grades, Reaction and Highlights from Sept. 25 | Bleacher Report

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    Credit: WWE.com

    Clash of Champions airs Sunday on WWE Network, so Friday’s episode of SmackDown was WWE’s last chance to make any changes to the card and get us excited for the pay-per-view.

    Roman Reigns was interviewed about his upcoming match against his cousin Jey Uso. Is The Big Dog still all about the bloodline or is he putting gold above family?

    We also saw Sami Zayn and Jeff Hardy compete in singles action ahead of their triple threat Ladder match with AJ Styles for the intercontinental title.

    Alexa Bliss attacked Lacey Evans last week and walked off in a trance. The Sassy Southern Belle got a shot at revenge this week when she took on The Goddess.

    Let’s look at everything that happened on this week’s episode of SmackDown. 

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    Here are the segments WWE advertised ahead of Friday’s show:

  • Bliss vs. Evans
  • Hardy vs. Zayn
  • Reigns is interviewed about Clash of Champions.

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    SmackDown opened with Styles coming out for what Michael Cole called The Intercontinental Championship Ascension Ceremony. Corey Graves was in the ring to give us a rundown of what we can expect from the Ladder match on Sunday.

    Hardy, Styles and Zayn all had something to say about this situation. Zayn kept claiming to be the rightful champion while Styles and Hardy agreed that Zayn was lucky to even be in the title match on Sunday. Hardy called for the apparatus used to hold the belts above the ring to be lowered to they could hang the titles up. After they did, Zayn hit his rivals with a ladder.

    As he tried to leave, Adam Pearce came out and added Styles to the singles bout Zayn was supposed to have with Hardy to make it a triple threat. Hardy immediately hit Styles with a Twist of Fate as the show went to a break. 

    The match began when we returned. Zayn was immediately knocked out of the ring so Styles and Hardy could brawl for a bit. The Great Liberator came back in but The Charismatic Enigma took him out with a flurry of moves. The Phenomenal One recovered and went after Hardy’s bad leg.

    They took the fight out of the ring for a little while but nobody tried to use any of the ladders around the ring, which is perfectly legal in a triple threat match. As Hardy prepared to hit a Swanton Bomb, Zayn shoved him off of the top turnbuckle down to the floor. 

    Zayn managed to avoid a Phenomenal Forearm that took out Hardy and capitalized by throwing Styles out of the ring so he could cover Hardy for the pin. 


    Grade: B+



    This was a really good way to open SmackDown. This is a strong feud with three veterans who are all loved by the WWE Universe for different reasons. The promo segment was predictable but entertaining because of who was involved. 

    The match was a lot of fun and gave us a taste of what we will see when these three compete on Sunday for the IC title in what should be a tremendous Ladder match. 

    Zayn getting the win almost guarantees he will not win on Sunday, so Styles and Hardy are the favorites since the person who wins a pre-PPV encounter usually loses at the PPV. 

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    After a quick backstage encounter between The Miz, John Morrison and Heavy Machinery, Bayley came out to sit on the stage for a promo. She called Sasha Banks a crybaby before talking about Nikki Cross.

    She said Cross was a fighter she respected but didn’t appreciate some of the things she said about her last week in regards to needing Banks to retain the women’s title. She promised to slap the smile off of Cross’ face and implied she would use a chair to hurt her the same way she did to The Boss.


    Grade: B+



    This was a solid promo that did not last longer than it needed to. Bayley came out, spoke for a couple of minutes and said everything she needed to say. It was more effective than if she had tried to draw it out for 10 minutes or more like most promos.

    Keeping her feud with Banks going while also fighting Cross means Sunday’s match may have some interference. A disqualification due to The Boss getting involved would prevent Cross from suffering a loss, which would keep her looking strong as she prepares to feud with Bliss. 

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    Ahead of their tag title match on Sunday, Lucha House Party’s Gran Metalik was accompanied by Kalisto and Lince Dorado as he battled Shinsuke Nakamura, who had Cesaro with him at ringside. 

    The Rockstar quickly took control and hit Metalik with a running knee to the face for a quick two-count. The King of the Ropes countered a reverse exploded suplex and hit a hurricanrana to send Nakamura out to the apron. He launched himself over the top rope to take Nakamura out as his partners cheered him on.

    A slingshot senton scored Metalik a near fall. He dragged Nakamura to the corner for a moonsault but had to land on his feet when his opponent rolled out of the way. This allowed Nakamura to hit a brutal running knee and a reverse exploder before finishing him off with a Kinshasa for the pin.


    Grade: C+



    This match would have benefitted from having five more minutes but what we got was still an entertaining display from two talented Superstars. It just didn’t have time to be memorable. 

    Kalisto refusing to help Dorado and Metalik as they were being attacked after the match led to Dorado shoving him to the mat. The breakup of The Lucha House Party could happen as soon as Sunday.

    Cesaro and Nakamura have grown into a great duo ever since they parted ways with Zayn. They might not be giving a ton of promos but they don’t need to in order for people to know they are the best WWE has to offer. 

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