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WordPress 5.0 – Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet

WordPress 5.0 – Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet image
WordPress 5.0 has landed! ✈️ The latest and greatest version of WordPress (the absolute best blogging platform) is available and has been turning heads ever since it got released on Dec 6th, 2018.

Here’s what to make of it, and especially if you haven’t followed all the 5.0 hype for the last year or so. But even if you have, this handy cheat sheet will provide you with an overview of what has changed in WordPress 5.0 and how to best take advantage of the new features.

This is your cut-out-‘n-keep WordPress 5.0 cheat sheet. ✂️ WordPress 5.0 Cheat SheetWordPress 5.0 Cheat Sheet

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