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The Colorful History of WooCommerce

The Colorful History of WooCommerce image
WooCommerce is the biggest, baddest, most popular e-commerce plugin for WordPress, which, by extension, also makes it the most popular e-commerce platform of them all.

But how did the journey begin? Was WooCommerce always the top dog right from day one?

According to current data, WooCommerce runs ~30% of all e-commerce stores, and the number has only been increasing. There is a very good reason for this. To say it simply, WooCommerce has it all – all the features that a new online store owner might need, all the extensibility, all the design options you can imagine (with the help of some optimized WooCommerce themes). Plus, with WooCommerce’s ever-growing community, the number of those options has only been rising.

So, coming back to the original question, how did it all start?

Here’s a look into the colorful history of WooCommerce, plus where your favorite e-commerce platform is likely headed next. Colorful History of WooCommerceColorful History of WooCommerce

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