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What is Wish Dragon about?

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Summer is on the horizon and, while movies are entertainment we appreciate year-round, there’s something about the summer that begs for scheduled movie nights. If you’re looking for a fantasy adventure the whole family can enjoy then look no further than Wish Dragon.

The film, set to fly onto Netflix on Friday, June 11, is the perfect lead into the weekend. We suggest popping some popcorn and settling in for a good time with this animated movie starring Jimmy Wong, John Chu, Constance Wu, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo.

Wish Dragon will take you to modern-day Shanghai where the fantastical is just around the corner waiting to be found. Or stumbled upon. Adventure has a tendency to jumpstart itself into action whether our heroes are ready or not.

Din, a college student whose life changes when he comes in possession of a wish-granting dragon, knows that better than most.

Wish Dragon  plot synopsis

In Wish Dragon, Din has dreams bigger than his circumstances can manage. He’s from a working-class family, trying to earn his degree, and achieve all that he desires. But, it’s hard fighting for what you want when the odds are stacked against you.

That’s where Long the dragon comes into play. It’s relatively easy for him to provide whoever calls upon his power with what they most want. The difficult part comes with the decision-making. When anything and everything is a possibility it can be hard to choose.

It’s a fact that Din discovers himself though he does know he wants to be reunited with his childhood best friend Lina. His wish sends him on a trek across Shanghai and, in the process, Din learns what matters most in life.

Watch the trailer for Wish Dragon below:

Will you be watching Wish Dragon?

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