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Will Netflix save Prodigal Son?

Will Netflix save Prodigal Son? image

FOX has canceled Prodigal Son after just two seasons. Fans are taking to social media for it to be saved. Will Netflix step in?

TVLine shared the disappointing news about the cancellation. However, admittedly, it’s not all that surprising. I was getting ready for FOX to cancel Prodigal Son, even though I really love the show. In fact, it’s one of the shows I never miss live during the week.

I also worried about the cancellation when FOX announced its schedule for the 2020-2021 TV season. The TV crime drama moved from Mondays after 9-1-1 to Tuesdays after The Resident. Tuesday nights aren’t great for FOX with going up against CBS’s run of NCIS and the two FBIs. It’s a lot of competition and many shows have suffered from being canceled after moving to Tuesdays.

The Gifted was the most recent, canceled two years ago after moving to Tuesdays. The one that most Netflix subscribers will be aware of is Lucifer. After two seasons on Mondays, it moved to Tuesdays and was disappointingly canceled.

This brings us to the big question. Will Netflix save Prodigal Son?

Could Prodigal Son become the next Lucifer for Netflix?

It wouldn’t be the first time Netflix saved a FOX show. It took some time and a bit of a fight, but Netflix eventually did the right thing and stepped in to save the supernatural series.

This decision was because of the international call to save the series. FOX only looks at the U.S. views. It’s just one of the problems with broadcast networks. They’re paid for through U.S. advertisers.

Streaming services have a global base. A global original is released across all world, so international voices are listened to more carefully.

That gives a little hope for Prodigal Son. The show has started to gain an international fanbase, partly due to Michael Sheen as one of the main stars. Plus, Tom Payne had pulled in his own with his role on The Walking Dead. I also can’t overlook Bellamy Young and Lou Diamond Phillips.

The storylines are certainly worth Netflix considering. Now it’s just about making the noise internationally.

Stay tuned for any news on Prodigal Son being saved by Netflix and more.

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