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When is The Circle season 3 coming out?

When is The Circle season 3 coming out? image

The Circle is one of the popular reality programs on Netflix right now. We know The Circle season 3 is happening, but when is it coming out?

The great news is that The Circle season 3 is happening. Netflix has a habit of canceling programs abruptly or just going quiet on the fate of shows. It’s good to know ahead of the second season that we’d get more from this reality program.

That doesn’t help us figure out when the show will come out, though. Netflix hasn’t set a date yet, which isn’t all that surprising right now. There’s no way Netflix would want to set a date when the show hasn’t even been filmed yet.

Casting is open for The Circle season 3. If you have what it takes or you want to give it a shot, why not put your application in to see if you can be on the next season? The application process is pretty easy, but you will want to put a lot of thought into your profile and the video intro.

When could The Circle season 3 arrive on Netflix?

We’re probably looking at 2022 as a release date. The first season arrived in January 2020 and the second season premiered on Netflix in April 2021.

It looks like it’s taking about 15 months to get through casting, production, and post-production. This could have partly been due to the pandemic, but about 14 months was standard before the pandemic for the majority of Netflix shows.

With that in mind, we’re possibly looking at July 2022 for The Circle season 3. It will depend on the filming process.

The thing with most reality TV programs is that filming in a bubble is possible. So, even if these COVID-19 variants continue to cause major problems, it could be possible for The Circle season 3 to film without issue.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about The Circle season 3.

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