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What is Synchronic starring Anthony Mackie on Netflix about?

What is Synchronic starring Anthony Mackie on Netflix about? image

Anthony Mackie, as Sam Wilson, is currently weighing the cost of becoming Captain America in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier, but in 2020, he was starring in a wildly different fantasy universe called Synchronic.

The movie is a sci-fantasy thriller steeped in time travel that pairs Mackie with Jamie Dornan. The two play New Orleans paramedics Steve and Dennis who, when working the late shift, come across several strange cases.

The people they encounter are either dead with the space around them twisted and misshapen in ways they’ve never seen before, or they’re incoherent as they attempt to explain what has happened to them. The single connecting thread is a new drug called Synchronic.

The drug is dangerous, but it’s also the only link to Dennis’ missing daughter, Brianna (Ally Ioannides) who disappeared. When Steve is diagnosed with cancer and given weeks to live, he takes it upon himself to stop Synchronic’s circulation in the city.

What is Synchronic about?

He also uses the drug in the hopes that he can find Brianna who is lost somewhere in time. It’s a risky mission but with his time on Earth nearly up, and his partner sick with worry over his child, Steve is determined to save one more life even if it could cost him his own.

Synchronic transports viewers from the present into various eras in the past including the Ice Age, the War of 1812, and the 1930s. The film is a head trip as time travel isn’t simply popping in and out of different periods of existence. Space bends and warps, distorting reality as clothing and objects are manipulated by this break in the space-time continuum.

Be prepared to lose touch with the linear concept of time progression as Steve races against the clock and his body to keep his city safe and bring Brianna home.

Watch the trailer for Synchronic below:

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