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What is My Teacher, My Obsession about?

What is My Teacher, My Obsession about? image

Netflix is home to tons of movies about high school students who exhibit some pretty mysterious and illegal behavior. Included in this list of unhinged teenagers is the film My Teacher, My Obsession.

The new movie joins Elite, which is full of high school kids who often accidentally murder their fellow peers during a fit of rage. The original series Grand Army has a girl who attempted to blow up her school because she daydreamed too hard, and the high schoolers in Riverdale know crime like the back of their hands.

My Teacher, My Obsession is sure to fill you with similar suspense. Read all about this thrilling film right here.

What is My Teacher, My Obsession about?

Riley (Laura Bilgeri) thought she was making friends at her new high school, but it becomes apparent that her new friend would rather get closer to her dad (played by Rusty Joiner) instead. It’s fairly common to have an innocent crush on a teacher, but what happens when that crush goes too far and becomes an undying obsession?

More from the official synopsis for My Teacher, My Obsession:

When Riley changed schools, she didn’t expect the girls to crush on her English teacher dad. And he didn’t expect a disturbing infatuation.

The cast of the movie features Rusty Joiner as Chris, Lucy Loken as Kyla, Jana Lee Hamblin as Jess, Alexandria DeBerry as Tricia, Laura Bilgeri as Riley, Bruno Rose as Quentin, and Lestonja Diaz as Ellis.

Check out the official trailer for the film down below:

Riley dedicated to taking her father back, but will she be successful at dealing with her out of control friend? Find out how this crazy story will end with My Teacher, My Obsession streaming on Netflix now.

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