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What is Master Of None season 3 about?

What is Master Of None season 3 about? image

After four long years, Aziz Ansari’s acclaimed comedy drama, Master of None has returned to Netflix.

The first two seasons of the Netflix original followed Dev (Aziz Ansari) a struggling New York actor navigating his personal, romantic, and professional life through a sharp, cultural lens. The series explores the realities of budding and long-term romances while living in the city in your late twenties/early thirties. It’s also known for its experimental episodes like “New York I Love You” that takes the spotlight away from Dev and focuses on smaller stories revolving around different characters.

Master of None season 3 does something similar in that Dev is hardly anywhere to be found. Instead, the new season revolves around his best friend and supporting character, Denise (Lena Waithe), and her marriage. The new episodes were co-written by Waithe and Ansari with Ansari as the director.

Master of None season 3 plot synopsis

At the start, we see Denise living a seemingly perfect life in her charmingly cozy home away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Now a New York Times bestseller, Denise is working on her second book while her wife, Alicia, seeks out a career in interior design.

However, this dreamy life is dissected and shattered as the season progresses. The five episodes demonstrate what causes wear and tear on a long-term relationship and how the couple navigates uphill battles. One of the primary challenges the couple faces is the decision and attempts to have a baby via artificial insemination and IVF.

While Master of None is labeled as a comedy, the first two seasons had their share of serious moments and observations. Season 3 strays even further from the comedy aspect. Instead, it’s a realistic and heartbreaking look at the challenges of marriage and attempts to have children.

While it may be a little disappointing for fans not to see the continuation of Dev’s storyline along with other core characters after so many years, season 3 is still holds the clever writing and arthouse aesthetic that made Master of None so captivating when it was released.

Is Aziz Ansari in Master of None season 3?

Dev does visit Denise in one episode and viewers receive a small update from him, but his life isn’t going the way he had once imagined it would.

All in all, season 3 follows a serious but grounded tight-knit story and could very well be a standalone mini-series. This type of storytelling makes sense with the title “Master of None Presents Moments In Love”. Fans of the season 2 episode “Thanksgiving” will enjoy a deeper exploration of Denise’s character and continuation of her story. While “Moments In Love” strays from the original premise of the show, it still holds the spirit of Master of None and is a creative addition to the series.

Master of None season 3 is now streaming on Netflix.

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