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20+ Top Free UI Kits for 2021 (Bootstrap and WordPress-Friendly)

20+ Top Free UI Kits for 2021 (Bootstrap and WordPress-Friendly) image

There are many ways to customize a website and tweak it to look like you originally imagined. In today’s business market, there’s no place for settling for the second best. When it comes to building your online appearance, you should never allow yourself to compromise. You either find the perfect theme for your site or you have one tailor made. And this is where the top free UI kits come into play.

If you want to improve your website’s design, we really do recommend UI kits as an alternative starting point to a total from-scratch approach. The top free UI kits out there consist of a number of individual elements that can be put in place in various ways. They’re not whole templates or themes, so you can take even a single widget or element, and integrate it with your current design however you see fit.

To make this easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the top free UI kits in the market. They’re built on top of Bootstrap, which will make them easier to integrate with modern website structures and CMS (like WordPress).

Since these UI kits are free, you can experiment with them guilt-free. Go through the list and let us know which one is your favorite. The kits are diverse and provide you with all kinds of different elements.

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Here are your top free UI kits for 2021

1. Paper Kit 2

Top Free UI Kits: Paper Kit 2Top Free UI Kits: Paper Kit 2
Get It Here
Paper Kit 2 viewPaper Kit 2 view Paper Kit 2 on mobilePaper Kit 2 on mobile
  • 50 handcrafted components.
  • Three customized plugins.
  • Fully responsive components.
  • Pale colors.
  • Three pre-built pages.
  • Customizable text and images.
  • Buttons, links, menus, tooltips, progress bars, labels and more.
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2. Shards

Top Free UI Kits: ShardsTop Free UI Kits: Shards
Get It Here
Shards viewShards view Shards on mobileShards on mobile
  • Based on Bootstrap 4 framework.
  • Lightweight and responsive.
  • Modern design system with smooth micro-interactions.
  • 10 extra custom components.
  • Two custom pre-built landing pages.
  • Material and Font Awesome icon packs.
  • Original source files included: Sketch and SCSS.
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3. Landing

Get It Here
Landing viewLanding view Landing on mobileLanding on mobile
  • Modern and colorful landing pages.
  • 80+ layouts in popular categories.
  • Tons of elements (scalable and pixel perfect shapes).
  • Easy to customize templates.
  • Interactive and joyful elements.
  • Can be edited via Photoshop and Sketch.
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4. Now UI Kit

Now UI KitNow UI Kit
Get It Here
Now UI Kit viewNow UI Kit view Now UI Kit on mobileNow UI Kit on mobile
  • 50+ elements.
  • Three templates.
  • Provided in PSD and Sketch formats.
  • Three customized plugins.
  • Navigation elements, buttons, typography, Javascript components, icons and more.
  • Responsive.
  • Bold colors.
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5. User Interface UI Kit

User Interface UI KitUser Interface UI Kit
Get It Here
User Interface UI Kit viewUser Interface UI Kit view User Interface UI Kit on mobileUser Interface UI Kit on mobile
  • Clean and flat design.
  • Interface elements for web applications and widgets.
  • Responsive template.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Built on a grid system.
  • Menus, progress bars, forms, pricing tables, Twitter feed.
  • High resolution elements.
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6. Bootflat

Get It Here
Bootflat viewBootflat view Bootflat on mobileBootflat on mobile
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Lightweight.
  • Built to fit elegant and modern web apps.
  • Includes pricing tables, calendars, bars, timelines, tabs and more.
  • Color switchers.
  • Good for startups, websites, and mobile apps.
  • Built on Bootstrap 3.3.0
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7. Summer Sale UI Kit

Summer Sale UI KitSummer Sale UI Kit
Get It Here
Summer Sale UI Kit viewSummer Sale UI Kit view Summer Sale UI Kit on mobileSummer Sale UI Kit on mobile
  • Flat, responsive design template.
  • Plain and minimal UI Kit.
  • Calendar, menus, video player, charts, maps, etc.
  • Customizable elements.
  • Designed on a grid system.
  • Five plugins added.
  • Built for e-commerce purposes.
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8. Drunken Parrot Lite

Drunken Parrot LiteDrunken Parrot Lite
Get It Here
Drunken Parrot Lite viewDrunken Parrot Lite view Drunken Parrot Lite on mobileDrunken Parrot Lite on mobile
  • Clean, flat style.
  • Based on Bootstrap 3.
  • Includes PSD and HTML.
  • Created on 980px grid.
  • Drop-downs, colors, checkboxes, thumbnails, alerts, breadcrumbs and more.
  • Templates included.
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9. Froala Design Blocks

Froala Design BlocksFroala Design Blocks
Get It Here
Froala Design Blocks viewFroala Design Blocks view Froala Design Blocks on mobileFroala Design Blocks on mobile
  • Over 170 design blocks.
  • Built for web and mobile apps.
  • Google Fonts.
  • Responsive.
  • Testimonials, CTA, forms, headers, contacts, pricings, etc.
  • Flat and clean designs.
  • Built on Froala Sketch library.

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10. Soft UI Design System

Soft UI Design SystemSoft UI Design System
Get It Here
Soft UI Design System viewSoft UI Design System view Soft UI Design System on mobileSoft UI Design System on mobile
  • Built on Bootstrap 5.
  • 70 handcrafted elements.
  • Four example pages.
  • Two customized plugins.
  • Easy to combine and customize elements.
  • Minimalist design with glassmorphism influences.
  • Gradients, bold colors, and realistic textures.
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11. Food and Drink UI Kit

Food and Drink UI KitFood and Drink UI Kit
Get It Here
Food and Drink UI Kit viewFood and Drink UI Kit view Food and Drink UI Kit on mobileFood and Drink UI Kit on mobile
  • Fluid, responsive layout.
  • Clean and flat design.
  • Food and drink-related elements.
  • Elements for web apps and widgets.
  • Easy to customize.
  • Calendar, event banner, shopping list, recipe banner, and more.
  • Modern and intuitive element design.
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12. Flat UI

Flat UIFlat UI
Get It Here
Flat UI viewFlat UI view Flat UI on mobileFlat UI on mobile
  • Made on the basis of Bootstrap 3.
  • Flat-style design.
  • Buttons, inputs, selects, checkboxes, radio buttons, tags, menus, progress bars, etc.
  • Original layers for icons included.
  • PSD and HTML elements.
  • Color swatches with 10 different tones.
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13. Blog Magazine UI Kit

Blog Magazine UI KitBlog Magazine UI Kit
Get It Here
Blog Magazine UI Kit viewBlog Magazine UI Kit view Blog Magazine UI Kit on mobileBlog Magazine UI Kit on mobile
  • Flat and modern design.
  • Built for blogs and magazines.
  • Editable interface.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • Menu, subscription form, social icons, blog posts layouts, sidebar, comments and more.
  • Three UI kit formats: mobile, smartphone, and web.
  • PSD from GraphicBurger included.
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14. WrapKit Lite

WrapKit LiteWrapKit Lite
Get It Here
WrapKit Lite viewWrapKit Lite view WrapKit Lite on mobileWrapKit Lite on mobile
  • Built on Bootstrap 4.
  • 17+ interface sections.
  • One pre-built landing page.
  • 25+ elements.
  • Responsive and Retina ready.
  • Google Fonts.
  • Great CSS animations.
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15. Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit

Bootstrap 4 Startup UI KitBootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit
Get It Here
Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit viewBootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit view Bootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit on mobileBootstrap 4 Startup UI Kit on mobile
  • Fully responsive.
  • 50 UI cards in 10 categories.
  • Fully customizable layouts.
  • HTML and CSS elements.
  • Based on Bootstrap 4.
  • Multiple pre-made templates.
  • Provides site sections for startups.
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16. Material Mobile UI Kit

Material Mobile UI KitMaterial Mobile UI Kit
Get It Here
Material Mobile UI Kit viewMaterial Mobile UI Kit view Material Mobile UI Kit on mobileMaterial Mobile UI Kit on mobile
  • Includes elements for apps and widgets.
  • Flat and clean designs.
  • Customizable interface.
  • Designed with flat grid system.
  • Responsive layouts.
  • High resolution elements.
  • Calculator, mobile dialer, music player, mobile keyboard, clock, charts and more.
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17. CoreUI

Get It Here
CoreUI viewCoreUI view CoreUI on mobileCoreUI on mobile
  • Bootstrap 4 components.
  • Two plugins included.
  • Multiple admin templates.
  • Provides charts and graphs for traffic, sales, stats, social media, user activity.
  • Sales and data-friendly elements.
  • Modern and colorful widgets and icons.
  • Modern and intuitive interface.
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18. City Break UI Kit

City Break UI KitCity Break UI Kit
Get It Here
City Break UI Kit viewCity Break UI Kit view City Break UI Kit on mobileCity Break UI Kit on mobile
  • Built for hotels and accommodations.
  • 100 different elements.
  • Contains listings, reservations, sliders, footers, pricing, forms, blogging widgets.
  • Modern and intuitive appearance.
  • Layered PSD files.
  • Made on 960 grid system.
  • Free open fonts and scalable vector graphics.
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19. Free UI KIT

Get It Here
Free UI KIT viewFree UI KIT view Free UI KIT on mobileFree UI KIT on mobile
  • Based on Bootstrap 3 (1170px).
  • Over 50 elements.
  • Flat, modern style.
  • Built for blogging purposes.
  • Contains blog post layouts, weather and author widgets, comments forms, social media icons, etc.
  • Uses red, grey, and white colors.
  • Comes in PSD format.
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20. Modern Touch UI Kit

Modern Touch UI KitModern Touch UI Kit
Get It Here
Modern Touch UI Kit viewModern Touch UI Kit view Modern Touch UI Kit on mobileModern Touch UI Kit on mobile
  • 100 different elements.
  • Layered PSD files.
  • Made on 960 grid system.
  • Responsive HTML.
  • Free open fonts and scalable vector graphics.
  • Contains basic widgets, blogging elements, services and pricing, forms, sliders and more.
  • Modern and flat components.
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21. Material Kit

Material KitMaterial Kit
Get It Here
Material Kit viewMaterial Kit view Material Kit on mobileMaterial Kit on mobile
  • Inspired by Google’s material design.
  • Two customized plugins.
  • 60 components.
  • Three templates.
  • Javascript components, notification and navigation elements, and basic elements.
  • Large scale typography.
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22. Web Flat Gui

Web Flat GuiWeb Flat Gui
Get It Here
Web Flat Gui viewWeb Flat Gui view Web Flat Gui on mobileWeb Flat Gui on mobile
  • Elements for apps and widgets.
  • Clean and responsive layouts.
  • Flexible and customizable.
  • Flat grid system.
  • High resolution elements.
  • Calendar, forms, author box, table, audio playlist, news timeline, etc.
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