There’s snow in the forecast for Chiefs-Broncos


There’s snow in the forecast for Chiefs-Broncos

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Late October is too early for snow in most places, but it’s never too early for an NFL snow game.

The excellent Dark Sky app currently shows a Denver kickoff temperature in the high teens, with snow beginning in the morning and seven to 11 inches of accumulation. That could make for the second straight snow game between the Broncos and Chiefs.

Last December, the Chiefs and quarterback Patrick Mahomes thrived in a Missouri snowstorm against the Broncos, with Mahomes telling PFT after the game that he actually likes throwing in the snow — something he had never done until a January 2019 playoff game against the Colts.

Broncos coach Vic Fangio was asked by reporters on Thursday whether the weather forecast will change his team’s approach to the game.

“It possibly could,” Fangio said. “It all depends until we get there on Sunday and see the exact conditions we’ll be playing in, the conditions of the field. When we played them in that second game last year and it snowed, I didn’t really think the — it looked worse than it was — I didn’t think that it affected the offenses too much. It didn’t affect theirs for sure. It could, but I don’t think you can answer that until you actually see what you’re dealing with.”

Whether it affects the teams, snow enhances the broadcast and the enjoyment for fans. While no one is expecting anything like that on October 25, we’ll take it whenever we can get it.

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