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The Sinner season 4 release date updates: Will there be a new season? When is it coming out?


If you like thrillers, you’ve likely stumbled upon The Sinner on Netflix. The series, which is not a Netflix original, premiered on USA Network in 2017 and was an instant hit.

The TV series is based on the book of the same name by Petra Hammesfahr, but that story was only the basis for the first season, which starred Jessica Biel and Bill Pullman. Biel did not return for the second or third season, but Pullman did.

Pullman will also star in The Sinner season 4 as Detective Harry Ambrose.

We shared everything you need to know about The Sinner and season 4, including the release date and when the new season is coming to Netflix below.

How many seasons of The Sinner are there?

Currently, there are three seasons of The Sinner. Each season is available to stream on Netflix right now.

The most recent season of The Sinner was added to Netflix on Feb. 6, 2020.

Is there a season 4 of The Sinner?

Not yet! But there will be!

The Sinner season 4 is happening on USA Network. The renewal was announced in the summer of 2020.

How many episodes will be in The Sinner season 4?

Unfortunately, there has been no confirmation on the episode count of The Sinner season 4. However, we have a pretty good idea of how many episodes to expect in the new season.

Each season of The Sinner so far has been eight episodes. So, we’ve seen 24 episodes of the series, total. Usually, shows don’t change up their episode count in the middle of the run, especially a show like The Sinner, which is of the shorter variety anyway.

We’ll let you know how many episodes will be in The Sinner season 4 when we find out the official number.

When is The Sinner season 4 filming?

The Sinner season 4 is starting filming soon, if the cast and crew haven’t already started. According to a report from Variety, the cast and crew of season 4 of The Sinner start filming in May 2021.

We’re not sure how long production on season 4 will last, but it’s likely that it will last through the summer. We’ll let you know when we find out a more concrete wrap date and when production does wrap on season 4.

The Sinner season 4 release date

For those hoping to see The Sinner season 4 soon, we have some bad news. With production just starting, it’s going to be a while until we see the new season of the series.

If not for the COVID-19 pandemic, The Sinner season 4 would have been released by now or it would be coming out in the next few months. It seems, like many shows and movies, The Sinner season 4 was massively delayed.

That’s not good news for fans!

There’s still a chance, if everything goes well with production, that the new season could be released later this year. It’ll have to be a quick turnaround from filming wrapping to post-production, but it is possible that we could see the season premiere in late 2021.

It’s much more likely The Sinner season 4 premiere date will be sometime in early 2022. We saw the third season released in February 2020, so we could definitely see the new season in February 2022, as well.

When is The Sinner season 4 on Netflix?

Once the release date is announced, we’ll know exactly when The Sinner season 4 will be added to Netflix. New seasons of The Sinner are added to Netflix one year after the premiere date. As mentioned, the season airs on USA Network before it moves to Netflix.

If we see The Sinner season 4 premiere in late 2021, we’ll see the new season on Netflix in late 2022.

If The Sinner season 4 premieres in 2022, The Sinner season 4 will be added to Netflix in 2023.

Hopefully, at the latest, it’ll be in the first few months of 2023.

We’ll let you know the official release date for The Sinner season 4 on Netflix when the premiere date is announced.

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