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The Last Kingdom season 5 will be the last

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In terms of news that none of us wanted, we’ve learned that The Last Kingdom season 5 is going to be the end. What can we expect in the season?

It really is the worst news ever when it comes to Uhtred’s story. Deadline reported the devastating news that Uhtred’s journey is coming to an end with the upcoming fifth season.

It’s not clear why or when this decision was made. Hopefully, it’s been with enough time to wrap up all the plot points that are still open. Of course, we need to hope that Uhtred gets Bebbenburg back before the series comes to an end. There’s no doubt that is one of the biggest things we need to see to feel closure for this show.

The Last Kingdom season 5 is still reportedly based on the ninth and 10th books in Bernard Cornwell’s series. There are 13 books in total, so it’s not clear if some of the future storylines will be included too.

At least we do have the warning that it’s going to be the last season. Remember when season 2 ended and we were left with no news at all whether season 3 would happen except for clues here and there that it was being filmed?

When will The Last Kingdom season 5 happen?

What we still don’t know is when The Last Kingdom season 5 will even happen, but we do know it’s not coming in May! The 10-episode season is currently filming in Hungary, and the show wasn’t on the list of those guaranteed to air in the last quarter of 2021. It looks like it might be sometime in 2022.

Something we do know is that Alexander Dreymon, who plays the lead character on the series, is going to make his directorial debut this season. We don’t know which episode, but usually, it ends up being the first episode filmed (even if filming happens out of order) to allow an actor to prepare for directing without too much pressure on current filming and the next scripts to learn.

What do you think of The Last Kingdom season 5 being the last? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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