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Will The Darkling return in Shadow and Bone season 2?

Will The Darkling return in Shadow and Bone season 2? image

Shadow and Bone is the talk of the TV world right now after the new Netflix original series premiered on Netflix. And, everyone seems to be fascinated by General Kirigan, played by Ben Barnes.

Not all is as it seems with Kirigan, though, which fans will find out in the end of the first season.

There are spoilers for Shadow and Bone below! And, there are also a few spoilers for Siege and Storm, the second book of the Shadow and Bone trilogy by Leigh Bardugo, but we kept it pretty minimal.

Will The Darkling be back in Shadow and Bone season 2?

You better believe it! You think The Darkling aka General Kirigan aka Aleksander is going to go out like that? No, no, no.

As you know by now, Aleksander Kirigan is also The Darkling, also known as the Black Heretic. We learn that — and how — The Darkling created the Shadow Fold.

In the last scene of the first season, we see The Darkling emerge from the Shadow Fold in rough shape. After taking on a Volcra, or several of them, it appears The Darkling has big wounds on his face and neck. But, it also looks like it’s black where their should be blood.

Oh, and to top it all off nicely, he now has Shadow minions. He tells them to “Follow.” And, the monsters follow him out of the Shadow and Fold. This is unusual because, as you’ll notice, The Darkling doesn’t use his hands to summon the Shadow. It simply happens like — should I say it? I think I’m gonna say it… — MAGIC!

It looks like our villain has more power than we originally thought, and that will be really interesting to watch in season 2.

Here’s what Barnes told EW about Kirigan/The Darkling’s end in season 1:

“When you meet him at the beginning, he’s the most powerful man that we come across. Now, he is infinitely more powerful in terms of he just thinks something and it happens. There’s a grace and a control that he has that I think is lost somewhere in the Fold, probably. But I think, also, the isolation is heightened. He doesn’t have his quest to protect those people. He doesn’t have the palace, he doesn’t have his status as general. Everyone has a vendetta against him, those who haven’t betrayed him soon will.”

There are a few people who will be on The Darkling’s list for revenge, but no one will be higher on that list than Alina after everything that happened. The Darkling still needs Alina to make everything happen with the Shadow Fold.

You know The Darkling is going to come for Alina. Will Alina and Mal be able to hide?

Well, if you’ve read Siege and Storm, you know what happens. We’ll just leave it there for now!

But, yes, yes, yes, The Darkling is coming back in Shadow and Bone season 2, assuming that it happens.

Netflix has not officially confirmed that Shadow and Bone season 2 is happening. What’s on Netflix reported that Shadow and Bone season 2 was already in the works at Netflix before the season 1 release. And, according to that EW interview with Barnes, Bardugo, and showrunner Eric Heisserer, they are hoping that Shadow and Bone season 2 will happen.

We’re confident that Shadow and Bone season 2, and many more seasons, will be ordered soon, if it hasn’t been ordered already.

Stay tuned for more news about Shadow and Bone season 2 release date!

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