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Stunning Stranger Things season 4 poster teases time travel plot with grandfather clock (fan art)


The clock is back! We haven’t seen the official Stranger Things season 4 poster yet, but we are starting to see some incredible posters made by fans.

Artist Sonnyfive shared a new Stranger Things season 4 poster on Instagram a while back, and it’s incredible. I’m sure it’s tricked more than a few fans!

The poster features the grandfather clock from the Stranger Things season 4 teasers we’ve seen so far. There are some incredible details, which we’ve shared below.

For more great Stranger Things art, check out @thesonnyfive on Instagram.

Stranger Things season 4 poster (fan art)

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A post shared by Sonnyfive (@thesonnyfive)

You know what time it is, right?

Eleven o’clock, of course!

You can also see the outline of Mike, Lucas and Dustin riding bikes just about the ’12’ on the clock. There’s a lot going on in the poster, but I love the caption, “The Time Is Coming.”

We know time is going play an interesting role in the new season. We haven’t heard if there is really going to be a time travel angle, but that’s what everyone is thinking.

I don’t want to spoil anything, but there some interesting fan theories involving time and what it means for the future of Stranger Things floating around online.  We still don’t know what the clock has to do with the new season. That much has yet to be revealed, but those theories, well, out there!

We’ll just have to wait and see what it all means when Stranger Things season 4 premiered in 2022. Yes, it does look like the new season will not be added to Netflix this year. Instead, we’ll be getting new episodes in 2022, according to Finn Wolfhard.

Stay tuned for more news about Stranger Things season 4. We’ll share the official poster as soon as we see it! We might not see anything about season 4 until production wraps this summer.

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