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5 best shows on Netflix to watch this weekend: May 22-23, 2021

5 best shows on Netflix to watch this weekend: May 22-23, 2021 image

The weekend is once again upon us, and it’s time to get that Netflix “what to watch” for the weekend list ready so you can enjoy some downtime.

The Netflix Top 10 TV shows list looks very similar to last week’s list. Who Killed Sara?, UpShaws and Jupiter’s Legacy hold the top three spots.

There weren’t many new shows released this week, but get ready because Netflix has a great list of new releases coming in June. In the meantime, don’t forget the check out all of the Netflix original series.

Best shows on Netflix for May 22-23

Derry Girls

Derry Girls is a series that follows a group of friends in the city of Derry in Northern Ireland during the end of The Troubles.

Erin (Saoirse-Monica Jackson), Orla (Louisa Harland), Clare (Nicola Coughlan of Bridgerton fame), Michelle (Jamie-Lee O’Donnell) and Michelle’s English cousin James (Dylan Llewellyn) all attend an all-girls Catholic school. James attends as the family thought the boys who attend the boy’s school would pick on him for being English.

It is a show chronicling teens growing up and experiencing life while dealing with family and peer troubles. It is quite humorous, and the entire cast does an amazing job portraying their role and the quirky personality each one has.

There are currently two seasons of Derry Girls available on Netflix, and a third season will start filming sometime in 2021. To get the gist of this series, view this outrageous trailer below.


Season 3 of the paranormal anthology series Haunted was recently released on Netflix. This series tells tales based on true events.

Each episode revolves around a different tale of the paranormal and features first-person accounts of haunting and sometimes unexplainable events. Fans of the series are always trying to figure out if this series real or not. It seems that the stories are based on true occurrences, but it is never quite clear if the stories are 100% true.

The official synopsis from Netflix:

“real people sit down with friends and family to share terrifying true stories from their past, re-created through chilling re-enactments.”

True or not, if you are a fan of horror and the supernatural, you should check this one out.

Love Death and Robots

Another addition to Netflix’s list of adult animated series is Love, Death and Robots. The series recently released its second season, and viewers are here for it.

Each episode is a standalone story that runs under 20 minutes and has a different cast and crew. Love, Death and Robots is the theme for the topics of the episodes, but all three are not represented in each episode.

Netflix describes the series as “a blast of the future with its roots deep in the past.” The first season was comprised of 18 episodes, and the second has 8. The official trailer gives you a look at the amazing animation and gives off a sci-fi apocalyptic feel.

Black Summer

The highly anticipated second season of Black Summer finally has a release date of June 17. This is an opportune time to watch or re-watch the first season to be prepared for the second.

This series is a spin-off of Syfy’s Z Nation and is set approximately six weeks into the apocalypse. The title comes from the reference in Z Nation of Black Summer as the summer things went to hell.

The storyline follows Rose (Jamie King), a mother separated from her daughter when the outbreak occurs. She is on a quest to find her child during the perilous beginnings of what seems to be the end of the world.

Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous

The third season of Jurassic World Camp Cretaceous was released this week. This animated action-adventure series is set in the world of the Jurassic Park franchise.

Camp Cretaceous is an exclusive dinosaur adventure camp, and Darius Bowman, a dinosaur fanatic, is given the opportunity to participate in the camp. He meets five fellow dinosaur enthusiasts, but when the dinosaurs break free, the campers are forced to travel the island and join forces to ensure their survival.

The first and second seasons have eight episodes each, and the third has 10. The series has been giving praise for bringing Jurassic World to younger viewers.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy some great streaming on Netflix.

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