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Shadow and Bone season 2 is not coming in June 2021

Shadow and Bone season 2 is not coming in June 2021 image

Here at Netflix Life we’re anxiously awaiting news on Shadow and Bone season 2. It is May 24, a month past the Netflix original‘s debut on April 23, and there’s still no word on whether the series has been renewed.

As popular as the show has been, introducing a new audience to Ravka and Ketterdam alike, that hasn’t led to a quick renewal turnaround, unfortunately.

There have been reports that development on season 2 is already in the works at Netflix. However, reporting was similar for The Irregulars season 2 only for the show to be canceled, so we’re waiting on an official announcement for our sigh of relief.

Until then we can only speculate on when fans of the series could see a second season if the show is renewed.

Shadow and Bone season 2 release date

Even if Shadow and Bone were renewed today, we wouldn’t be seeing season 2 in 2021. As we move further into the year, the production window for a 2021 release for any television show gets smaller and smaller.

Shadow and Bone is a special effects-heavy series and its shot on location. As such, the earliest we can anticipate season 2 is in 2022. Though whether production will finish in time for a release in its anniversary month of April is anyone’s guess until its renewal is confirmed and filming begins.

We’re also keeping our eye on Stranger Things season 4. A release date has yet to be announced for the latest season of the hit show, but it’s looking to drop in 2022 as well. As filming is reported to wrap in August 2021, Stranger Things could premiere in the early months of 2022.

When Stranger Things season 4 drops could affect Shadow and Bone‘s season 2 release as they are both big franchise offerings on Netflix. For instance, if the fourth season of Stranger Things premieres in February 2022, we won’t be seeing season 2 of Shadow and Bone hit the platform in April even if it has finished post-production.

Netflix will likely stagger these titles out accordingly. That means even if Shadow and Bone is renewed today and filming starts immediately, it could still end up being a summer or fall release. We really won’t know until the ball gets rolling. The worst-case scenario is a 2023 release, but that’s an entry for the darkest timeline, and we’re hopeful for a 2022 premiere.

We’ll keep you posted on more Shadow and Bone season 2 release date news as it comes in.

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