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Sexify age rating: Is the show appropriate for kids?

Sexify age rating: Is the show appropriate for kids? image

As April comes to a close, Netflix is releasing its final lineup of shows and films that will be available for its users to stream this month. Amongst the shows that premiered this week is a series called Sexify, which, with a name like that, certainly stands out from the rest.

The original series debuted on April 28th and you’re probably wondering if this new title is one you can watch with the family or one you should maybe watch alone. Below is the age rating for Sexify. 

Sexify age rating

According to IMDb, Sexify is rated TV-MA, which means that only mature audiences should watch this show and that kids should stay far away from this series.

Sexify discusses and depicts extremely mature themes such as sex, nudity, and many other things that are not appropriate for kids to watch, but if you’re a parent looking for a show that safely discusses the body and mind in a kid-friendly way, we’ve got a couple of recommendations for you.

The Magic School Bus does a great job of explaining all sorts of topics like the human body and does so in a way where you can trust your child will be fine watching the series alone.

Additionally, the Netflix series The Mind Explained goes into depth about the complexity of the mind and how all those chemicals come together to create the mind as we know it. With just six episodes, your young one can be educated on everything there is to know about the human mind.

Sexify may not be age-appropriate for kids, but it is definitely a great watch for older adults as the series discusses how society views conversations about sex and how these conversations could have detrimental effects on how we view the human body.

Parents, feel free to watch Sexify and let us know what you think!

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