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September 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

September 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP image
 This is the September 2016 edition of This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.  September was an interesting month for the WordPress community. On the one hand, as always, there were new products, new awesome content, and new events. But on the other, there were also financial troubles, uncertainty, suspensions, and some security issues.

Let’s get to the bottom of all that today. Here are the most interesting pieces of news, resources, tips and tutorials from around the world of WordPress. This is “This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP” – September 2016 edition. This Month in #WordPress with CodeinWP - September 2016 Click To Tweet

September 2016 in WordPress

Zerif Lite Suspended from WordPress Theme Directory, 300K Users Left Without Updates

This was surely a lively publication by WordPress Tavern. With over 140 comments and counting, the community is still divided when it comes to the suspension of our most popular free theme, Zerif Lite.

Just to bring you up to speed, the theme has been suspended from the WordPress.org repo in mid September. To learn the whole story, check out the corresponding transparency report.

Also, if you’re using Zerif Lite on your site, don’t forget to migrate it to the all-new non-WordPress.org version. zerif-litezerif-lite

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godaddy-managewp-1116x558godaddy-managewp-1116x558 GoDaddy has acquired ManageWP

Another huge deal took place in the WordPress community lately. This time, it’s about hosting. In summary:

GoDaddy has acquired the WordPress website management service, ManageWP. ManageWP will remain a standalone app, and GoDaddy will integrate several features into their GoDaddy Pro and WordPress hosting plans.

The features that GoDaddy wants to integrate into their premium hosting plan are related to backups, staging, migration, and more. Check out the full story above.
The Future of Headway

A couple of months ago, we started hearing about some serious troubles going on at camp Headway. At one point, a former employee even came forward and said that the support staff was not being paid for their job, hence, the whole support was brought to a halt. The story blew up quite a bit.

The Headway founders couldn’t wait any longer, and they finally published their official statement on Sep 13th. htht
w3-total-cachew3-total-cache W3 Total Cache 0.9.5 Packages XSS Vulnerability Patch with Major Update

Last week, a high-risk XSS vulnerability was found in W3 Total Cache, which pushed a new major release in order to remove the threat. It’s the first major update of the plugin since 2014.

The users of W3 Total Cache, which is active on 1 million+ WordPress sites, were surprised to discover that, instead of receiving a security release for the vulnerability, they got a completely new plugin version with new features: support for Opcode Cache, Redis, fragment caching, improved PHP 7 compatibility, and more.
Website Weekend LA Brings WordPress To Nonprofits

Organized by Alex Vasquez and Natalie MacLees, the Website Weekend LA event will take place in Pasadena, California, on October 22-23, and will bring together developers, designers, content strategists, UX professionals, and project managers to create websites for nonprofits.

All nonprofit organizations are welcome to apply and benefit from a free website assistance. website-weekendwebsite-weekend

Great Articles From Around The Web

Automatically Update From Envato WordPress Themes and Plugins

By default, updating any products bought from Envato isn’t as straightforward as updating standard WordPress plugins and themes. Well, at least that was the story until today…

Automation: The Future of WordPress Development

Where is WordPress development heading? GenerateWP thinks automation will be the new trend among developers. Gulp, Bower, Grunt are just a few technologies that sustain this theory.

How to Design Your WordPress Site – No Coding Skills Required

To have a great-looking site, you don’t necessarily need a professional designer. You just need imagination and free tools. See how to combine these two, and what tools to use to make your site look amazing.

Visual Page Builder for WordPress Creates More Problems than It Solves

Lots of developers are not that impressed with various page builders. They say that those things can potentially make your WordPress experience worse. What do you think?

11 Things to Consider When Selecting a Perfect WordPress Theme

How do you choose a theme? Is design the most important factor? The features? Well, whatever your answer might be, after reading this post, you might want to reconsider… How to Create Temporary Login for WordPress (No Passwords)

If you’re working with someone in the short term and need to give them access to your admin, it turns out that you can create temporary accounts instead of a fully-fledged user accounts.

MotoPress Page Builder Version 2.1.0: Zerif Theme Integration

Zerif is our most popular WordPress theme at the moment, and it’s compatible with many page builders. Read this step-by-step tutorial on how to integrate it with MotoPress to get some extra perks (good for both Zerif Pro and Zerif Lite).

WordPress Plugin Design: Namespaces and Autoloading

When a developer creates a plugin, they focus most on the code and its functionality, and less on the design. Tom McFarlin addresses this, and explains why an intuitive and friendly interface has the same importance as the functionality underneath.

Identity Crisis: Am I a Developer or a Designer?

Front-end developer or designer? Both? Many of you can’t answer this question directly when it comes to the job you do. If you’re in the same situation and find yourself somewhere in between, read this great post.

WordPress Plugin Roundup – September 2016

What’s new in the plugins market? Here’s iThemes’ roundup going through the latest releases and most interesting plugins available for WordPress today. That’s it for September 2016. Anything we missed?

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