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How to request a show on Netflix

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Netflix is the home to original series that have been juggernauts for the platform like 2019’s fantasy show The Witcher that spawned “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher,” a song that had its own success on the internet. Shadow and Bone is set to be yet another hit that skyrockets to the top. The streamer, however, doesn’t have everything, which means sometimes, you’ll need to request a show on Netflix in the hopes it will be added to the catalog.

While the platform has a host of series produced and developed in-house, they’re also known for the shows whose licensing rights they acquire. Their deal with The CW shaped the success of many of the network’s shows from the interconnected superhero world of the Arrowverse to the off-the-rails Riverdale, an iteration of the Archie Comics universe that twists the town with pep into a darker, more murderous version of the original.

As such Netflix is open to TV show and movie requests from subscribers to their platform. There’s a page dedicated to receiving feedback from users looking to see an acquisition of title’s absent from the streamer’s catalog.

If you’ve ever searched for a show, saw the search suggestions pop up on the side, had that spark of hope that Netflix carried the title only to be disappointed when it didn’t appear in the search results, the request page is where you need to go next.

Request a show on Netflix

On the page, you’ll be able to suggest up to three titles for Netflix to acquire. Requesting the streamer carry the show, of course, doesn’t mean they will but if enough interest is drummed up you could possibly see the title on the streamer one day.

Fans of shows that have been canceled on network television often build entire campaigns around pushing for Netflix to acquire the rights to their show and save it. From spamming any and all Netflix-related social media accounts to developing request trains where they repeatedly request for their show to be on the platform using the request form, such tactics have seen both success and failure.

Lucifer rose again thanks to a concentrated campaign for the show’s renewal. Netflix answered the call and the show became an original series for the platform. Anne with an E, which had already been a Netflix original prior to canceling, hasn’t seen the same success but fans of the show are still campaigning for a season 4 for the series.

Requesting a series can be hit-or-miss depending on the popularity of the title but it never hurts to request a show on Netflix. You never know who’s been asking for the same title as you have. Though if you’re wondering why certain shows leave the platform and others stay, the streamer has a page where they briefly explain their decision-making process when licensing expires for a title.

They don’t always renew a contract but that doesn’t mean enough noise over a removal can’t see a reversal of their decision even if it takes a few years for that to happen.

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