Reposite streamlines the most tedious tasks for travel agents


Reposite streamlines the most tedious tasks for travel agents

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Meet Reposite, a software-as-a-service startup that wants to help travel agents of all kinds deal with their daily tasks. While the travel agency industry is huge, most people who work in this industry still don’t have a good system in place to deal with information, orders and communication.

Reposite wants to be a one-stop shop for tour operators, event planners and more. The platform lets you centralize all information in one repository. It lets you upload client information and your supplier database so that you don’t have to juggle with Excel files and good-old binders.

Compared to traditional CRM systems, such as Salesforce, Reposite is specifically tailored for the travel and events industry.

You can invite your suppliers to join Reposite and update their profile. This way, information always remains up-to-date. Travel agents looking for a specific place will have a higher chance of finding a specific supplier if there’s a lot of information on the profile.

For suppliers, maintaining a Reposite profile shouldn’t be too intensive as you only need to update a single profile. All your travel partners will get the most recent profile automatically.

After that, Reposite helps you stay on top of your projects. As a travel agent, chances are you spend most of your time interacting with clients and suppliers. You can save email templates, and track your meetings and calls from the platform. There are also some task management features built in, which should help you keep an eye on your pipeline.

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When you’re ready to go ahead and sign a contract, you can invoice your clients and pay your suppliers from Reposite. You can see if there are any pending payments.

The startup is still quite young and will be announcing a new seed round later this month. Previous investors include Greycroft, Pritzker and Raine.

While there isn’t a ton of travel activity during the pandemic, the startup thinks its product can help the industry as a whole for a better recovery. It should certainly help some travel agents become more efficient, which could improve the bottom line.

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