Praise Evicted From the House, Biggie’s Wrath & More Highlights on #BBNaija Day 35


Praise Evicted From the House, Biggie’s Wrath & More Highlights on #BBNaija Day 35

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Juicy rewards await the Housemates with the highest amounts of points in this Season’s hairstyling, maintenance and hair support, courtesy of Darling Nigeria.

Today, Biggie reminded the Lockdown Housemates that at the end of the season, the female Housemate with the highest points for hair styling and maintenance and the male housemate with the highest points for hairstyling support will both be rewarded with 2,000,000 Naira and 1,000,000 Naira respectively. It may seem as though the Housemates are starting to relax on their hair styling and maintenance and have gotten comfortable with giving minimum hair styling support they give to each other every Sunday. For this reason, Biggie brought out receipts of their accumulated scores so far.

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Below is the result from the previous weeks:

In week one and two, all Lockdown Housemates earned ten points each.

In week three, Dorathy earned another ten points, while Erica got eight points. Both Tolanibaj and Vee earned six points. Nengi scored three, while Lucy and Wathoni earned two points each.

In the case of the male Housemates for week three, Prince took the lead by earning all ten points; Trikytee eight points; Neo seven points; Laycon six points; Brighto and Praise with three points each, while Kiddwaya and Ozo earned two points each.

For week four; Vee, Wathoni and Lucy earned ten, nine and eight points respectively, while Tolanibaj scored four points. Nengi, Erica and Dorathy all earned zero points for their hair styling and maintenance in the week.

Prince and Trikytee both scored ten points each for their hair styling support in week four, while Neo, Praise, Brighto and Kiddwaya all scored six points each. Laycon and Ozo both had four points each.

Bearing their accumulated points in mind, the salon doors were opened, and this means another opportunity for the Housemates to garner more points.

With five hours to Find Their Beautiful, here’s what they got up to in today’s Darling hair styling session this morning:

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Which male and female Housemate deserve the Darling Find Your Beautiful rewards?

A heated afterparty

Things turned ugly in the BBNaija House between Neo and Vee before the Party. and got worse after it.

What started as a misunderstanding over food soon escalated to the extent that Vee and Neo stopped talking and even kept their distance during the Saturday Night Party. It was evident that they had an altercation as they avoided each other throughout the Party with Neo dancing with everyone else. At some point during the night, Vee tried to get his attention and it almost turned into a mild drama. It took the intervention of Laycon and Ozo to pacify Neo so that it didn’t escalate.

What Neo said

Neo explained that he was trying to get Vee food so she could take her pain killers. Brighto was the one making the meal and he was initially undecided about making either Poundo or Semo. Neo knew that Vee only ate Poundo and he asked Brighto to make that instead. In a twist, Brighto ended up making Semo for the House. Neo’s explanation to Vee about why Semo was made instead of Poundo didn’t seem to go down well and she stormed off leaving him mad. “It feels like I am always being taken for a ride every time I show I’m caring,” he said while explaining his issue to Ozo. To end his explanation, Neo was vocal about ending it with Vee saying, “I no do again.”

What Vee said

“Food is not the issue, it is the way he reacted,” she said, expressing her real concerns while talking to Prince and Laycon. Vee went further and revealed that Neo went as far as shouting at her. She told Nengi earlier that she found it to be quite embarrassing. “I don’t like feeling embarrassed… he didn’t have to shout,” she said. She ended the conversation with Laycon and Prince by insisting that she was becoming repetitive as she was always dealing with the same thing. Vee did mention that she had no intention of ending it with him and would talk to him later today.

Looks like a triangle

A new triangle might have been created and even though the members of the triangle deny they are in it, it seems like the wheels have already been set in motion. Brighto, Dorathy and Wathoni make up this triangle. To avoid past mistakes in the House, Dorathy made the effort to seek out Wathoni’s consent before talking to Brighto. “I want to know if you want his full attention, cause I don’t know what you want and what you guys got going and I don’t want to be in your way,” she said. Dorathy went on further saying “I just don’t want to have a problem with you over him. I would rather fight with him than you.” Wathoni responded that she was tired, and she didn’t want to be in a triangle anymore. One thing they eventually agreed on was that Brighto was quite smart and they decided to play a fast one on him. Wathoni urged Dorathy to go and join him in bed even though Brighto had earlier invited her. She was going to walk in when Dorathy was settled to see his reaction.

He is on a cruise

While waiting for Dorathy to get comfortable in Brighto’s bed, Wathoni revealed what they were up to Vee. Not only did she reveal what they were scheming, but she also opened up about kissing Brighto and even went on to admit he was a good kisser. Vee warned her that Brighto doesn’t like anyone in this House and he was only on a cruise before helping her confirm that Dorathy was settled in his bed. The plan didn’t exactly go as planned because Brighto eventually left his bed for Dorathy to go sleep in the garden where Wathoni joined him.

It is still quite surprising how much drama the Housemates have up their sleeves especially when it comes to relationships in the House.

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