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Personas: So what’s your style?


Are you a celebrate the launch of Firefox 3.6 and the hard work of our Personas designers by telling the world about your favorite Persona — in pictures.

Gorjan Jovanovski flaunts his style

Gorjan Jovanovski flaunts his style

Just showcase a Persona that reflects your individuality by taking a photo with it. Here’s how:

  • Select your favorite Persona on Firefox and create a screen capture of your browser window.  Cut it out and take a photo with it.  Here’s a great template to help you.
  • Take a photo upclose with you next to your computer and your Persona-clad browser.
  • If you’re super creative, have fun with digital imaging software and put your picture in your browser like this one.
  • Or you can copy and enlarge design elements from your favorite Persona into an image editor to create a placard, a mask and more!

Feel free to get creative. You can also gather friends for a group photo. Whatever you do, share it with the world. Here are a few ways:

  • Upload to Flickr or your favorite photo sharing site and tag with “personas”.  If you use Flickr, make sure to add it to our group.
  • Post on Twitter, Identi.ca or Mozillaca using Twitpic or bit.ly to shorten your Flickr URL along with a link to our new Personas video (https://www.flyingeze.com/tag/4EMJ7)
  • Make it your new profile picture on Facebook, Ning or Orkut.
  • Add it to our fan photos on Firefox’s Facebook page.

Have fun and stay-tuned for a showcase of all the great Personas pictures like we did for Five Years of Firefox.

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