People Magazine Has Released Their 2020 People Of The Year Issues, Starring Regina King And Dr. Fauci


People Magazine Has Released Their 2020 People Of The Year Issues, Starring Regina King And Dr. Fauci

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December 2, 2020 / Posted by: Allison

We’re narrowing in on the end of the longest year on record (at least it’s felt like 84 years). And with that comes a million end-of-year lists. We already know that whatever pap-strolling blisters Ana de Armas got over the past nine months paid off in the form of the number one spot on IMDb’s Top Stars list. Spotify Wrapped has generously compiled listeners top 5 most played songs and albums, thus subsequently exposing everyone’s most terrible taste in music. And People magazine has published their 2020 People of the Year issue, about a month after they published their annual People’s Sexiest Man of the Year issue. That’s good timing. A month seems like enough time to recover from thirsting hard over Michael B. Jordan’s arms on the cover.

People explains that their list includes people who, “made an impact during what proved to be a tumultuous and challenging 2020.” So if that’s the selection criteria, then People’s People of the Year issue should be dedicated to the makers of Cheetos, elastic waist pants, weighted blankets, reality television, and whatever facial tissue absorbs the most tears. Because those are the real people of his endless snake pit of a year. But I bet TIME magazine already called them for their People of the Year issue. That gets announced on December 10th. People magazine’s focus is on four specific people in particular: Academy Award-winning actress and general legend Regina King, Dr. Anthony Fauci, part-time makeup mogul Selena Gomez, and million-dollar gift-giving Flowbee client George Clooney. The reason they were chosen is as follows (via People):

This year we have all made sacrifices; we’ve had our endurance tested. Yet we’ve found ways to help our neighbors, local businesses, and frontline workers.

That spirit is behind this, our second annual People of the Year issue, which celebrates four individuals (with four covers!) who have not just wowed us with their talent but been forces for good in the world.

Everyone gets a little breakdown for the kind of good energy they put out into the world to have gotten chosen. Dr. Fauci is kind of self-explanatory, and Regina King could be on the list, simply for raising spirits every time she popped up on screen in repeat pandemic viewings of Poetic Justice, but that’s not it.

Selena Gomez: Selena Gomez put out a No. 1 album, Rare, became a successful cooking show host with her HBO Max series Selena + Chef and, as one of the most-followed people on Instagram with 195 million fans, gave her platform over to Black activists in June amid protests against police brutality. She also launched Rare Beauty, an inclusive makeup brand that set the goal of raising $100 million in 10 years to help give people access to mental health services. Her honesty in talking about her own mental health journey and commitment to helping others have been inspiring in a year where we’ve all felt more anxious and alone.

Regina King: With a 2019 Oscar and a 2020 Emmy, Regina King has been on a hot streak. She’s also been a powerful voice this year, helping to get out the vote and calling for support for marginalized communities during the pandemic and an end to police violence.

Dr. Fauci: Dr. Anthony Fauci stepped up to be the doctor America needed in 2020, providing steady guidance during the pandemic. Even though he and his family were getting death threats, he continued to be out front, reassuring us during turbulent times with his devoted public service, unflappable common sense, and life-saving leadership.

George Clooney: This month George Clooney returns to the spotlight and is already getting Oscar buzz for The Midnight Sky – and he’s continued his tireless human and civil rights advocacy with the Clooney Foundation for Justice. In addition to using his powerful voice and platform against political and social inequities, he quietly donated $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative in the wake of George Floyd’s killing, $1 million for COVID-19 relief efforts in Italy, London, and L.A., and significant aid to Lebanese charities after the deadly explosion in Beirut in August.

All the covers can be seen below. Maybe it’s all the crisp white dress shirts and effortless off-white slouchy sweaters, but I’m starting to think this year’s issue was styled by Nancy Meyers.

Well, I guess People did sort of acknowledge a booze maker with George Clooney (I’m sure his tequila has gotten some people through some very tough months inside). And I’m sure Dr. Fauci appreciated the kind shout out from People magazine. Usually, when I see that Dr. Fauci’s name is trending online, it’s because the President has called him Dr. Phony or Dr. Hoaxy or just straight-up called him a loser. Plus, it’s not a People’s Sexiest Man Alive issue, but I think we can all appreciate that People let him pose like he’s in a sexy Lens Crafters ad.

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