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Who plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone?

Who plays Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone? image

While you might recognize a few of the stars of the new Netflix original series Shadow and Bone, based on the Grishaverse books by Leigh Bardugo, you won’t recognize everyone in the series.

There are a bunch of up-and-coming stars who you’ll know by name soon, if you don’t already.

One of those cast members that’s getting a lot of love online is Pekka Rollins star Dean Lennox Kelly.

Pekka Rollins actor in Shadow and Bone

As mentioned, Dean Lennox Kelly stars as Pekka Rollins, the big boss of the Barrel’s Dime Lions, one of the gangs of Ketterdam.

Kelly hasn’t been in a lot of US shows, but you’ll recognize him if you’re a fan of Shameless (UK), Jamestown, Doctor Who, and more.

We don’t get to know Pekka Rollins well in Shadow and Bone. The character only makes an appearance in the first season, but what an appearance it is!

After Kaz Brekker gets the jump on a job over Pekka Rollins and the Dime Lions, Pekka’s men shake down Kaz at the Crow Club. Basically, Pekka wants the job and the payment for himself. he threatens to kill Kaz if he proceeds with the job.

So, yeah, not great for Kaz and the Crows! Luckily, Kaz’s quick thinking gets him out of the jam.

We’ll be seeing more of Pekka Rollins in Shadow and Bone season 2 and beyond. There’s some good story from Leigh Bardugo’s books involving the character, and we can’t imagine how this would be the last we see of Rollins.

So, be prepared to see Dean Lennox Kelly back in the role should Netflix renew Shadow and Bone for season 2. We think it’s going to happened, and based on reports, things are looking promising. We’ll just have to wait until Netflix gives the official word, though.

We’ll let you know more about the Shadow and Bone season 2 release date when we find out!

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