Paul Pierce Sued By His Weed Guy, I Built Your Grow House and You Stiffed Me!


Paul Pierce Sued By His Weed Guy, I Built Your Grow House and You Stiffed Me!

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NBA legend Paul Pierce is being sued over an alleged marijuana deal gone bad — accused of screwing over the guy he hired to build and run his grow house!

“The Truth” is being sued by Kenneth Johnson — who’s been described as a “master grower” when it comes to cannabis.

In his suit, Johnson claims Pierce hired him back in 2016 to “design and develop a warehouse to cultivate cannabis from inception to completion.”

Johnson claims Pierce offered him $10,000 per month — and required him to move out to L.A. … not a bad gig, right!?

But, soon after they got started, Johnson says Pierce cut his pay to $4,000 — claiming they couldn’t afford the full rate until after there was product to be sold.

Johnson claims things got worse from there … claiming Pierce and his company “cut corners” and didn’t even get the weed plants into the warehouse until late 2018.

Even then, Johnson claims Pierce refused to pay him his promised $10,000 monthly rate — insisting they wouldn’t have the funds until after the first marijuana harvest.

Things finally came to a head in Nov. 2019 — Johnson claims he still wasn’t getting his full pay so he left the company … while Pierce’s operation still owed him more than $42k in unpaid wages!

Now, Johnson’s suing for back pay — plus unpaid overtime, missed meal period violations and more.

The weed biz … it ain’t all fun and games!

We reached out to Paul’s reps for comment — so far, no word back.

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