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Netflix cancels one of 2021’s biggest Netflix Originals

Netflix cancels one of 2021’s biggest Netflix Originals

Netflix cancels one of 2021’s biggest Netflix Originals image

It’s been a relatively quieter start to the year for Netflix when it has come to cancelations with the streaming service, which is notoriously known for high cancelation rates, handing out more renewals than cancellations thus far in 2021.

The change of pace has been welcomed by fans who have grown accustomed to their favorite Netflix Originals meeting unexpected ends, often without any sort of resolution — here’s looking at you Santa Clarita Diet, literally every Marvel Netflix show, GLOW and the many countless others whose runs ended far too soon.

However, it seems we’re finally starting to reach the point in the year when Netflix is having to make those more difficult decisions even if it means bringing an end to arguably one of its biggest new series of the year.

Has The Irregulars been canceled by Netflix?

Just days after Netflix canceled its first show of 2021 with the cancellation of The Duchess, Netflix has decided not to proceed with a second season of its breakout Sherlock Holmes-adjacent drama. As first reported by Deadline, The Irregulars has been canceled after one season with Netflix opting not to further the stories of the Baker Street Irregulars.

Is The Irregulars season 2 happening?

Because Netflix has canceled The Irregulars, it is highly unlikely The Irregulars season 2 will happen. While Netflix has become known for saving shows, the same can not be said for the history of Netflix Originals finding new life on another network.

In fact, the only series that comes to mind as having been saved after its Netflix cancelation was comedy One Day at Time which moved to Pop TV for one season after it was canceled by Netflix following its third season.

While we can’t rule anything out, the odds are stacked against the show and it seems highly unlikely The Irregulars season 2 will happen unless Netflix changes its decision — which we don’t anticipate.

Why was The Irregulars canceled?

It’s unclear why The Irregulars was canceled as no reason was given when the news was announced.

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