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Money Heist season 5 is not coming to Netflix in May 2021

Money Heist season 5 is not coming to Netflix in May 2021 image

Money Heist season 5 is coming to Netflix, but based on how things look right now, we’re probably going to have to wait a while to see the new season of the hit Netflix original series.

Netflix shared the list of new Netflix movies and shows coming in May 2021, and unfortunately, Money Heist season 5 was not on the list.

Despite Money Heist season 4 coming to Netflix in April 2020 and fans expecting to see the new season about a year later, we were not expecting Money Heist season 5 to be released on Netflix this spring.

There have been some recent developments about the release date for Money Heist season 5.

When is Money Heist season 5 coming out?

Netflix mentioned Money Heist season 5, aka La Casa de Papel season 5, is coming to Netflix in the second half of 2021 in a letter to shareholders to announce the Q1 earnings. So, we’ll see the new season, which is actually the final season of the series, between July and December 2021.

We don’t know the official release date yet, but Money Heist season 5 is likely coming to Netflix in September or October 2021. We’ve seen conflicting reports from Express and Small Screen about the release date, but the general consensus is that it will be released in September or just after September.

So, that’s why we’re thinking it’ll be September or October. Netflix has a big year planned, and the second half of the year is going to be full of big shows and movies. Globally, only a few of those releases will compete with Money Heist season 5. The Netflix original series is one of the most highly anticipated Netflix shows of all time.

I can’t wait to see the new season! I am more than a little bummer that the season will be its last, but at least, they’ll be going out the way they want to.

Stay tuned for the Money Heist season 5 release date on Netflix.

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