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Calgary father convicted in teen daughter’s drunk driving death appeals sentence


Michael Bomford, the Calgary man convicted of killing his teenage daughter in a 2016 drunk driving crash, is seeking a reduction in both his prison sentence and subsequent driving probation.

Bomford was sentenced in September to 5.5 years in prison for the crash, that also injured him and his daughter Meghan’s friend, followed by an eight-year ban on driving.

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Bomford filed an appeal Tuesday asking that he either be acquitted of drunk driving and dangerous driving causing death and bodily harm, or that a new trial be ordered. If neither is granted, Bomford wants his sentence and driving ban reduced.

The grounds for appeal are that the presiding judge allegedly made an error in allowing hearsay text messages be submitted as evidence, and by relying on the timing of them and the truth of the content.

The appeal also says the sentence was “excessive and unreasonable.”