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[Infographic] Mesmerizing WordPress Stats for 2019

[Infographic] Mesmerizing WordPress Stats for 2019 image

Have you ever wondered how big WordPress actually is? Or how wide its domination spreads across the web? … Is WordPress the Genghis Khan of website platforms?

Okay, that last one is probably taking it too far. But nevertheless, WordPress has rightfully earned its place among other online CMS platforms, and not only that, but it has totally dominated that space ever since its release on May 27th 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Today WordPress runs over 35% of the sites on the internet.

Let’s take a look at what’s been going on with WordPress recently

Starting with some interesting bits and pieces:

#WordPress 5.2 has been downloaded nearly 64 million times already Click To Tweet #WordPress rules the CMS market with 61.4% market share Click To Tweet #WordPress runs nearly 35% of the entire internet Click To Tweet 50,000 #WordPress.com websites are being launched daily Click To Tweet

infographic WordPress stats 2019 previewinfographic WordPress stats 2019 preview


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Click here for the plain text version How has 2019 been for WordPress?

So today, right at the end of 2019, we’re taking a look back at some of the stats and goings-on in the WordPress world in the past 12 months.


Here is what happens each month: More than 409 million people view more than 21.3 million WordPress pages with 70 million new posts and 77 million comments.

WordPress 5.2 ‘Jaco’

On the average, WordPress versions are updated every 150 days. Last version was updated on May 7, 2019, named WordPress 5.2 ‘Jaco’, in honor of jazz musician Jaco Pastorius.

Here is the percentage of websites using various WordPress versions:

  • Version 5 – 63.2%
  • Version 4 – 34.5%
  • Version 3 – 1.9%
  • Version 2 – 0.4%
  • Version 1 – >0.1%

Milestones achieved by WordPress team:

  • Version 1.2 – Plugins are introduced
  • Version 1.3 – Localization is introduced
  • Version 1.5 – Themes as we know them now are introduced
  • Version 5.0 – The Block Editor Gutenberg came in action

Top 10 most downloaded WordPress plugins:

  1. Akismet – Antispam
  2. Jetpack – Security management
  3. Contact Form 7 – Contact page
  4. Yoast SEO – SEO and readability
  5. Classic Editor – Old WordPress editor
  6. WooCommerce – eCommerce
  7. WordPress Importer – Migrating website
  8. Wordfence Security – Security and theft management
  9. Really Simple SSL – HTTP to HTTPS
  10. All in One SEO Pack – Site SEO

The top 10 WordPress free themes (by downloads):

(Caution: The top 3 isn’t very surprising.)

  1. Twenty Nineteen
  2. Twenty Seventeen
  3. Lyrical
  4. Uptown Style
  5. Hello Elementor
  6. OceanWP
  7. Astra
  8. Velux
  9. Twenty Sixteen
  10. Ascension

What’s up with WordPress community?

The total number of WordCamps to ever take place is growing rapidly – currently at more than 1016 organized in total all over the globe, held in 75 cities, 65 countries, on 6 continents (as of Aug 1st, 2019)

Official WORDCAMPS in 2018 – 143

Official WORDCAMPS in 2019 – 126+


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