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May 2015 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP


The month of May was very news-rich in the realm of WordPress, so to speak! It brought us a couple of big stories and massive changes in the WordPress community, which will surely have their consequences in the future.

From big acquisitions and plugins going SaaS, to security issues, birthdays, new plugin releases, and more. So let’s see what’s been going on exactly in this newest edition of This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP.

May 2015 in WordPress

Automattic buys WooCommerce to get into e-commerce – its largest acquisition to date

This is probably the most important change in the WordPress world this month. Automattic – the main business of Matt Mullenweg – bought the WooCommerce plugin to make WordPress a more significant player on the e-commerce market and compete with some of the platforms there.

“It’s far and away our biggest acquisition. It’s six times larger than anything we’ve done before”, said Mullenweg. Even though he didn’t reveal too many aspects related to this story, he ensured us that the 55 employees of WooCommerce will join Automattic to continue their work.

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OptinMonster goes Saas in effort to cater for more hosting environments and non-WordPress platforms

Syed Balkhi decided to transform the OptinMonster plugin into independent software. The goal is to make it operate on more platforms than just WordPress.

Since it’s a self-hosted product, OptinMonster’s price starts at $9 per month, but it still offers a yearly plan, starting at $49. Check out the instructions for integrating the new SaaS OptinMonster with each platform here.

Celebrating WordPress’ 12th Birthday with Matt Mullenweg

It’s been 12 years already, wow! WPTavern thought that the best way to celebrate is by talking with “the founding father.” So they recorded a podcast that contains a lot of useful information. A few of the covered topics are:

  • update on O2 the successor to the P2 theme,
  • memorable moments of the last 12 years,
  • update on the WordPress history book,
  • the status of WordCamp USA,
  • the WooCommerce acquisition,
  • hype surrounding the WP REST API,
  • the WordPress Mobile App.


OneNote welcomes three new partners – cloudHQ, Equil and WordPress

Microsoft’s OneNote service for developers makes WordPress a partner by creating a free plugin to connect the two.

Microsoft OneNote is a digital note-taking app that gives you the possibility to take notes from multiple devices, and do it online as well as offline. And now, you can easily import your content in WordPress, right from the post editor.

WordPress 4.2.2 Security and Maintenance Release

WordPress 4.2.2 is out now, and WordPress.org says that you should update your site immediately. This has something to do with the security issues that have been fixes:

  • The Genericons icon font package used in many popular themes and plugins contained an HTML file vulnerable to a cross-site scripting attack. WordPress 4.2.2 automatically scans the wp-content directory to find this HTML file and remove it.
  • WordPress versions 4.2 and earlier are affected by a critical cross-site scripting vulnerability, which could compromise your site. WordPress 4.2.2 comes with a solution to that issue.

wp 422wp 422

admin menu manageradmin menu manager
New Plugin Reorders the WordPress Admin Menu Using Drag-and-Drop

Admin Menu Manager is a new free plugin which allows you to drag-and-drop the menu items in the wp-admin and rearrange them any way you like.

That’s surely one cool feature, and the authors already have plans for more:

  • remove and restore menu items,
  • edit existing menu items and their icons,
  • add custom items to the admin menu.

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I think that’s it for this edition. Anything we missed?

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