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Lucifer season 5 part 2 trailer: Biggest reveals from the trailer

Lucifer season 5 part 2 trailer: Biggest reveals from the trailer image

The trailer for Lucifer season 5 part 2 has finally dropped and it did not disappoint! In fact, the trailer is very telling! Below, we share the biggest reveals the trailer teases.

As promised, the trailer for Lucifer season 5 part 2 has arrived and it came packing surprises, both exciting moments and gut punches. Is there trouble in paradise for Deckerstar? Is Lucifer Morningstar up for a major promotion? Is Eve back?

Ah, the trailer is just too much! Hey, not that I’m complaining, but now I’m even more excited. It wasn’t too long ago that we didn’t have much information about the back half of Lucifer season 5. So at least we now have a trailer to obsess over and watch multiple times.

However, Lucifans are not all smiles while watching the trailer. Some smiles, sure, there are plenty of badass moments to look forward to, but the last few seconds have us questioning everything!

Let’s break down the biggest reveals from the trailer!

Lucifer season 5 part 2 teases

Family dinner

A family dinner has long been teased, but my oh my! This is going to be one awkward family dinner! Lucifer’s family dinner is about to make our worst Thanksgiving dinners seem like a good time.

At the table, we see Lucifer, Amenadiel, Linda, God, and even Michael! Now, raise your hand if you’d like to see Michael leave. Another question we have — why isn’t Chloe at the dinner table? She’s also family.

One thing’s for sure, this family dinner is not going to end well. They never do. Question is, who’ll start the argument and who will finish it? It’s a good thing a therapist is at the table! Linda, work your magic!

Therapy session

Speaking of Linda’s magic, God and Lucifer will eventually find themselves on Linda’s couch! Will she be able to break through to them? We know Lucifer is one stubborn devil, but it seems God is as well.

Chloe and God

I have always loved Chloe, but the trailer for Lucifer season 5 part 2 just cements my love for her. Chloe always speaks her mind and is not afraid to stand up for those she loves. In the trailer, we see her telling God that he is a terrible father. Ouch!

Hey, it’s God, I’m sure he won’t take this too personally. It’s all part of his plan and mysterious ways, I’m sure. This scene is going to be so exciting to see!

God is retiring

Say what? God is retiring? Who will be King of the Heavens? Well, Lucifer believes he is fit for the job and Amenadiel seems to back his brother up. Unfortunately, Lucifer isn’t the only son of God interested in the position. This is going to be good. I wonder how Chloe feels about this potential promotion, which brings us to our final major reveal…

Deckerstar breakup

Lucifer has proven he loves Chloe to hell and back, but he never has said those three words. At the end of Lucifer season 5 part 1, Chloe confronts Lucifer about why he’s never said “I love you” to her.

Michael and Mazikeen interrupt, but part 2 picks up right after, and surely Chloe has not forgotten what they were talking about. In the trailer, Lucifer tells Chloe that if he says these three words to her “it would be a lie” and Lucifer has always made it clear that he does not lie.

Lucifer are you about to break our heart?

This isn’t the first (or second or third) Deckerstar has hit a bump on the road, let’s hope this is just another hiccup!

Which moment from the trailer do you love the most?

Lucifer season 5 part 2 premieres on Netflix on Friday, May 28.

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