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Locke and Key season 2 is not coming to Netflix in May 2021


It’s been a fair wait for Locke and Key season 2. If you were hoping that it would arrive on Netflix in May 2021, you’ll be disappointed.

Locke and Key debuted in February 2020. The wait for season 2 hasn’t been as long as some other shows, such as The Witcher, but that doesn’t stop us from being eager to see when more will arrive.

We do get to start this off with a little bit of good news. Locke and Key season 2 has wrapped production. It is now going through the post-production phase, which will take some time. May 2021 was never going to be possible with the delays.

The bad news is the show wasn’t on the list of those coming to Netflix in the fourth quarter of 2021. Deadline gave a list of shows like The Witcher, You, and Cobra Kai.

When could Locke and Key season 2 come out?

The list that Deadline offered wasn’t extensive. It was just a selection of titles that Netflix has planned for the end of the year.

With Locke and Key season 2 currently in post-production, there is hope that we’ll get to see it arrive sometime this year.

It will take some time to do the post-production work, though. This is a show with a lot of visual effects, and that means it can take months of work to get it right. We’re probably looking at the fourth quarter of 2021 for the season at the earliest.

October 2021 would be a good month for this show. It is a fantasy horror after all. Why not put it on during the scariest month of the year? That’s not the way Netflix worked last time, but it doesn’t mean Netflix can’t change tactics for the second season.

Some great news is Locke and Key season 3 is happening. Hopefully, we won’t be waiting as long for that season.

Stay tuned for the latest updates about Locke and Key season 2 and more.

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