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Is Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2 happening?

Is Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2 happening? image

Jupiter’s Legacy brought a new kind of superhero tale to Netflix. The original series, just one of several adaptations of Mark Millar’s Millarworld slated for release on the platform, plunged viewers into a world where superheroes have been protecting the Earth for nearly 100 years.

In their universe, however, the clash between villains and heroes is getting ever more dangerous, bringing tensions between the younger and older supers to a boiling point. Volume 1 ended on a cliffhanger, revealing a nefarious force hidden among the ranks of the Union of Justice.

Now that the series has a central big bad, things are certain to heat up as the group prepares to face off against the wrong enemy. More questions about the past are also sure to arise as the tangled web weaved by this villain has thrown truths the group has held dear into question.

With this in mind, can fans of the series expect volume 2 of Jupiter’s Legacy? Here’s what we know.

Will there be a Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2?

Netflix has yet to announce a volume 2 of the series, however, Millar has plans for a second installment of the superhero drama. The comics and show creator sat down with comicbook.com to discuss a possible season 2 for Jupiter’s Legacy and the future of its comics series source material.

Millar had this to say about a possible season 2:

We know where we’re going. I mean the books are a good template. You know, the books are all sitting there for us so … we have a very rough plan, but we know it all depends on hopefully, not to get too cocky, that the audience responds the way we think they will, but we feel good about it…I mean, we talk privately all the time about what we’d like to do but nothing can be formal until we get our numbers.

If the series does get a second season, it’s likely to pick up where it left off with Brandon’s strained relationship with his father taking center stage along with the big bad’s ever-evolving plan to take control of the Union from Sheldon. Chloe’s storyline with Hutch, focused on what happened to Skyfox, is also likely to be big part of the story moving forward.

Hopefully, another volume of Jupiter’s Legacy will bring some much-needed changes to the series’ structure from its overcrowded plot to its treatment of marginalized characters. Only time will tell.

We’ll keep you posted on more Jupiter’s Legacy volume 2 news as it flies in.

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