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July 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP

July 2016 WordPress News – This Month in WordPress w/ CodeinWP image
 This is the July 2016 edition of This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP.  Things never get boring with WordPress. Awesome stuff is just happening all the time, which gives us great topics to write about at the end of every month!

And these last few weeks were not different in that regard. We saw new interesting plugins and products, some new rules were brought to light, new stats about WordPress itself, and much much more.

You can read about it all in this edition of This Month in WordPress with CodeinWP. Here’s July 2016: This Month in #WordPress with CodeinWP - July 2016 Click To Tweet

July 2016 in WordPress

WordPress to Bump Recommended PHP Version From 5.6 to 7.0 By The Middle of 2017

Is it time for WordPress to start endorsing the newer versions of PHP and actually recommending them over the more popular but older ones? There’s been a heated discussion lately, with voices on either side. At the end of the day, though, it seems that WordPress will indeed bump the recommended PHP version from 5.6 to 7.0 by the middle of 2017.

Read the full story here, and also Andrey Savchenko’s controversial post on WordPress’s alleged crusade against technical responsibility that somewhat started the discussion. phpphp

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orionorion ManageWP Orion is Live!

Orion is out! The ManageWP guys just launched their new toy, which has been under construction for 2 years. The authors claim it is “the most comprehensive and most sophisticated software for managing WordPress ever made.”

Orion brings a very modern and friendly interface, cloud backup, client reports, advanced SEO, uptime monitor, and white label features. In a couple of weeks, automated security backups, automated performance scans, and automated client reports will join the features package.
New Plugin Adds The Ability to Categorize and Tag Attachments in The WordPress Media Library

If you’re using tons of media files on your WordPress site then this is for you. You can now organize them more efficiently due to the new free plugin called Attachment Taxonomies, made by Felix Arntz.

The plugin lets you add category and tag taxonomies to every attachment you upload to your site. Besides, it inserts drop-down filters into the media toolbar and media modal. In short, get the plugin to manage your images, videos, and audio files better. Attachment Taxonomies Attachment Taxonomies

Author(s): Felix Arntz

Current Version: 1.1.1

Last Updated: August 18, 2017


92%Ratings 1,000+Installs WP 3.5+Requires
surveysurvey WPCampus Survey Results

The WPCampus survey has concluded and the results are now live. How well is WordPress doing in the educational institutions?

For starters:

  • over 64% of campuses have been using WordPress for 3 or more years.
  • 29% of campuses have been using WordPress for 6-10 years or more.
  • 4% of campuses said WordPress was not an approved CMS for their institution.

The survey comes with plenty of interesting numbers. Check it out!
New Plugin Adds Featured Audio to WordPress Posts and Pages

If you’re working with sounds, this is good news for you. Now you can post a featured audio clip instead of an image. The new Featured Audio plugin was just launched and can be downloaded for free.

The plugin is compatible with any theme, and the audio player will borrow the theme’s look and design. You can simply upload an audio file just like you’d upload an image. Musicians, radio people, podcasters, brace yourselves, Featured Audio is coming! Featured Audio

Author(s): Nick Halsey

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: March 30, 2020


100%Ratings 1,000+Installs WP 4.5+Requires

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