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Is The Underground Railroad on Netflix?

Is The Underground Railroad on Netflix? image

Academy Award-winning director Barry Jenkins recently released his historical drama series, The Underground Railroad, and it is already making headlines as a wonderfully done series that is absolutely unforgettable.

The show tells the well-known story, doing so in a way that brings awareness to the many personalities that these brave individuals had, thus, keeping them in our memories forever.

The show currently stands at a near-perfect critic score of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes as well as an audience score of 83%, a testament to how beautifully the famous story was told. You’re definitely not going to want to skip over this one!

We tell you where you can watch this historical piece so you don’ miss out on the talented mind that Barry Jenkins possesses.

Is The Underground Railroad on Netflix?

Unfortunately, The Underground Railroad is not currently on Netflix and most likely, the series will not come to the streaming giant any time soon.

As soon as we know more about when (or if) the series will debut on Netflix, we will be sure to let you know. In the meantime, here is where you can stream The Underground Railroad.

Where to stream The Underground Railroad

There are 10 episodes of this riveting history series, and you can only stream each episode on Amazon Prime Video as this is the show’s home site.

In the near or distant future, we may see the show make its way over to other platforms, but as for now, this is the only mode available to stream.

While you wait, feel free to check out other Netflix titles similar to The Underground Railroad such as The Help, When They See Us, I Am Not Your Negro, and Amend: The Fight For America.

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