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Is the Selena movie on Netflix?

Is the Selena movie on Netflix? image

Selena Quintanilla is the Queen of Tejano music and an iconic figure in pop culture and the music industry. Though her untimely death, which shocked the world due to her murder, is a piece of her legacy, it is not the entirety of her life. Her impact is the result of her talent and spirit which has been immortalized on film and on the stage. The most memorable, beyond her own performances, is the Selena movie that premiered in 1997.

The biopic, starring breakout star Jennifer Lopez in the titular role, tracked Selena’s life as a young artist playing in her family band into her skyrocketing career in that very same band.

The Quintanillas’ story is one of family and the grueling work of playing gig after gig with the hopes to make it big. Selena’s joy, emulated by Lopez, is the light of the film. You can see how she came to be so loved in the Americas, the attention she garnered with her big voice and the encompassing sound of the band, and how she was on a path toward superstardom.

Selena the movie is 24 years old. It’s older than the woman the biopic is centered on, but it’s a story that will forever be watched because of who Selena was and how the movie portrayed her life. If you’re looking to stream the film, whether for the first time or one of many, here’s how you can watch Selena.

Where to stream the Selena movie

Unfortunately, Selena the movie isn’t streaming on Netflix, however, season 1 of Selena: The Series starring Christian Serratos is available to stream now on the platform. Season 2 of the bio-series debuts Tuesday, May 4.

To watch the movie, you’ll need to have an HBO Max subscription. Selena is also available to rent for $3.99 and purchase for $13.99 on Amazon Prime Video.

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