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Is The Girlfriend Experience on Netflix?

Is The Girlfriend Experience on Netflix? image

The Girlfriend Experience is a series that has certainly been a topic of conversation ever since its premiere back in 2016. So much so, that the show has gone on to receive tons of critical acclaim and even got nominated for a Golden Globe Award in 2017.

Due to the positive reception, the show was renewed for a second and third season, and it seems that each season keeps getting better and better.

With the third season releasing earlier this month, you probably want to know what The Girlfriend Experience is all about and where you can watch every episode. We tell you everything you need to know right here.

What is The Girlfriend Experience about?

The series is about a service called The Girlfriend Experience where clients can pay to have a girlfriend or sexual partner for as long as they need to. We see different stories as these girls venture off into the world of escorts with clients from all walks of life, and unfortunately, not every story is a happy one.

Is The Girlfriend Experience on Netflix?

Currently, the show is not on Netflix, and as of right now, it’s pretty unclear when or if the series would eventually come to the streaming platform sometime in the future.

As soon as any news surrounding a Netflix release for the show comes out, we will be sure to let you know. Until then, there are a few other places where you can watch.

Where can I watch The Girlfriend Experience?

If you’re a fan of cable TV, every episode of The Girlfriend Experience is available on-demand with the television network Starz as this is where the series normally airs.

If you’re someone who likes to stream, you can watch the series on Hulu upon adding the Starz extension to your plan.

However, if you’re determined to wait until the show is available on Netflix, feel free to watch similar shows like Sexify, Easy, or Gypsy.

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