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Is The Challenge on Netflix?

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The Challenge has been one of the most entertaining reality-based competition TV series for as far back as anyone can remember, and many subscribers are eager to know if all 36 seasons are available on Netflix.

Road Rules: All-Stars premiered on June 1, 1998, which showcased alumni from the MTV reality series The Real World and Road Rules embarking on a road trip partaking in different challenges along the way. These ordeals would be challenging both physically and mentally, and the drama that unfolded in between made the show a massive hit with home audiences.

The series’ name later changed to Real World/Road Rules Challenge and then finally to just The Challenge when it reached its 19th season. There have been several specials that have also aired called Spring Break Challenge, The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars, The Challenge: CT’s Getting Married, and The Challenge: All Stars.

The show has been hosted by various individuals, most notably Johnny Moseley, Dave Mirra, and currently T.J. Lavin, each of which has had their own video game franchise for the respective extreme sport they excel in. Wrestling and reality TV star The Miz and Lovecraft Country’s Jaimie Chung are just some of the big names that started out on shows like this one, and there is no shortage of memorable personalities within every one of its 486 entries.

Is The Challenge available on Netflix?

There are only two seasons of the reality competition series available on Netflix, the Real World/Road Rules Challenge: Inferno II from 2005 and Real World/Road Rules Challenge: The Duel from 2006. While this news is obviously less than ideal, subscribers should know there are several other options available when it comes to drama-filled reality shows.

Titles like The Circle, Too Hot to Handle, and Love is Blind are just some of the stellar choices Netflix has to offer for fans of the genre.

Where you can stream The Challenge

Seasons 11-33 are available to stream on Paramount Plus along with new episodes of The Challenge: All Stars. They are also available through Philo and most VOD services for purchase.

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