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Is The Baker and the Beauty season 2 coming to Netflix in 2021?

Is The Baker and the Beauty season 2 coming to Netflix in 2021? image

The Baker and The Beauty has seen some serious success since it arrived on Netflix, and several fans are wondering if all this newfound hype could reignite the idea of The Baker and The Beauty season 2 coming to the streaming service this year.

When the ABC series following a blue-collar baker’s love story with an international superstar was canceled, many hoped the streaming powerhouse would step in and resurrect this series as it did with Lucifer and Designated Survivor. But that move was never made, and instead, subscribers just waited until April 2021 when The Baker and the Beauty’s first outing would make its debut, outdoing all expectations.

Since its arrival, it has become a chart-topping affair sparking new interest in Netflix, hopefully greenlighting The Baker ad the Beauty season 2. Series star Nathalie Kelly spoke with Newsweek about the show’s streamer success and the possibility of more episodes happening in the future.

“It’s pretty miraculous that after being canceled on ABC it has shot to number one in TV shows and number two on Netflix overall—with no advertizing or press! In light of this achievement there is in fact talk of what the future could hold for our show… What I’m hearing is that if we can sustain this incredible momentum there is a chance it could make financial sense for Netflix to make a Season 2.”

The popularity of the show since it released on Netflix could very well be what it takes to get a second season in the works at the streamer, and it will be interesting to see how things play out as the show continue to get watched by many.

Will The Baker and the Beauty season 2 be available on Netflix this year?

So far, there are no official plans for another installment of the American romantic comedy series based on the Israeli romantic comedy series Beauty and the Baker, and fans should be patient when it comes to any announcements regarding The Baker and The Beauty season 2.

As far as whether or not The Baker and the Beauty season 2 will be available to stream this year on Netflix seems very unlikely. If they were to get greenlit and start shooting this year, it would probably not arrive until 2022 or later. It’s anyone’s guess if another run is ordered when new entries could come out on the streaming service.

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