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Is Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Netflix?

Is Star Wars: The Bad Batch on Netflix? image

The animated spinoff series from Star Wars: The Clone Wars called Star Wars: The Bad Batch has finally arrived, and many subscribers are curious if it is currently available on Netflix.

The show with a great Rotten Tomatoes score acts as both a sequel and spinoff to The Clone Wars and is part of the Star Wars franchise joining the ranks with such other stellar adventures like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, and The Mandalorian. The show follows a squad of elite and experimental clones, referred to as Clone Force 99 that embark on an adventure and try to survive the aftermath of The Clone Wars and the execution of Emperor Palpatine’s Order 66 that identified Jedi’s as traitors resulting in their immediate termination.

Dee Bradley Baker voices Bad Batch in the series and also plays other clones that he voiced in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The cast also includes Archie Panjabi as Depa Billaba, Jedi Master to Caleb Dunme aka Kanan Jarrus, and Michelle Ang as Omega, another genetically altered clone who joins the crew as a medical assistant.

The well-crafted Star Wars adventures looks to be another fine addition to the franchise, and it’s really no surprise that subscribers are hoping the show touches down on the streaming platform.

Is Star Wars: The Bad Batch available on Netflix?

The news as to whether or not Star Wars: The Bad Batch is not ideal by any means, and it may make fans feel as bad as they did when they saw the prequels in theaters. The animated series is not available on Netflix.

There are many titles to choose from that are similar to Star Wars: The Bad Batch available on Netflix. Castlevania, Dota: Dragon’s Blood, Love, Death & Robots, and Disenchantment are just some of the options ready to stream for subscribers to enjoy.

Where you can stream Star Wars: The Bad Batch

For those looking for the place to view the next chapter of the Star Wars legacy, Star Wars: The Bad Batch is available to stream on Disney Plus.

You can check out the trailer below:

Will you be watching The Bad Batch? 

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