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Is Sailor Moon on Netflix?

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After hearing the great news that Sailor Moon Eternal is on its way to Netflix, you’re inner Sailor Guardian is probably getting super excited to see your favorite magical girls again and re-experience the greatness that is this anime.

It has certainly been a while since the popular anime series came on the screens, and you probably want to catch up on every season of the anime from the start. Or, if you’re new to the show, you may want to watch it for the first time, but don’t know where you can go to stream every single episode.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered as we tell you all about Sailor Moon and where you can stream the show.

What is Sailor Moon about?

The series tells the story of how a group of magical girls comes together to defend the universe against the dark powers and foes that threaten the Earth’s livelihood. With such huge responsibilities, Usagi Tsukino and the rest of the Sailor scouts learn how to believe in their strength while also trusting in the power of friendship.

Now that you’re all caught up, here’s where you can watch all this unfold.

Is Sailor Moon on Netflix?

Unfortunately, as of right now, it appears that Sailor Moon isn’t on Netflix, but there’s a possibility that could change.

With the two-part film coming to Netflix in June, there may be a chance that the streaming platform will also add a few seasons of the anime for fans to enjoy. However, as an official announcement regarding the series has yet to be announced, we may just have to be a tad more patient.

This may come as not-so-good news to Sailor Guardians who use Netflix, but there are a few other places where you can watch Usagi Tsukino and all her marvelousness.

Where to watch Sailor Moon?

Great news! It appears that Hulu has every season of Sailor Moon available to stream! Hulu also has the three seasons of Sailor Moon Crystal on its platform as well, both in English-dubbed and Japanese-subbed.

Additionally, if you’re a Prime Video user, you can purchase all 200 episodes of the series, as well as the specials of the anime like Sailor Moon S: The Movie and Sailor Moon R: The Movie for a small fee, which sounds like a super good time.

We’ll be sure to let you know when or if Netflix decides to add Sailor Moon to its lineup, but, until then, feel free to watch the other amazing anime that Netflix has likeYasuke or Demon Slayer

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