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Is Nana on Netflix?

Is Nana on Netflix? image

When talking about josei anime classics, there is no mistaking that the anime Nana would definitely be on the top of that list as the anime series depicts mature relationships in a way that romance anime shows tend to steer away from.

Being hailed as a must-watch anime for anyone dealing with growing pains and broken friendships, Nana is sure to leave you gripping at your heart and drowning in a puddle of your tears. (I wish I was joking. Take my word for it.)

If you’ve never heard of the anime and want to cry, I mean, watch, or if you’re a longtime fan begging to re-watch one of Ai Yazawa’s greatest masterpieces, you’re probably wondering where you can binge Nana.  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just be sure to grab a couple of tissues, though.

Is Nana on Netflix?

Currently, the 2006 anime is not on Netflix.

It’s been reported that other countries, like New Zealand and more, do have Nana available to watch.

If you’re not looking to move to Auckland any time soon, there may be another option where you can watch the anime.

Where to watch Nana

The only way you can watch every season of Nana is through Amazon Prime Video upon purchase, but this option is not currently available to users in America.

Additionally, there aren’t currently any sites where you can stream or watch this anime as Hulu or any of the major streaming platforms have yet to add the series to its lineup. However, not all hope is lost.

The good news is that it looks like all four seasons of Nana are currently in the process of being adapted into an HD home video release from the anime film company Sentai. It is rumored to come out sometime this year, meaning you may be able to watch series sooner than you think.

As soon as Netflix or any other streaming platform adds Nana to their lineup, we’ll be sure to let you know. Until then, feel free to watch anime similar to the josei series on Netflix such as Maid Sama, Clannad, and Carole & Tuesday.

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